Empire in Flames New Player Guide and FAQ

New Player Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Empire in Flames! Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions our new players have. It also contains helpful information and references to other player guides you may find useful in your adventures.

How do I start playing?

Getting Set-Up

Step 0) Before you install Empire in Flames, you need to install SWGEmu and ensure that it works. You can find their instructions here.

Step 1) After you have installed SWGEmu (and verified that the game runs), download the Empire in Flames launcher here.

Step 2) Install the Empire in Flames launcher. Depending on which version of Windows you are running and your settings you may have some additional approvals based on UAC.

Step 3) After the installation of the launcher has completed, run the launcher.

Step 3a) You’ll have to point the EiF launcher at your SWGEmu install, so click on “SWG Install” and navigate to where you’ve installed SWGEmu – this is not the location of their launcher, but a directory that contains swgemu.exe

Step 4) After you have completed the above, the game will begin to patch. This may take a while depending on your connection speed.

Step 5) While you wait, head to our forums and create your account. Your forum account is linked to your game account, so make sure you remember the information as this is what you will use to log into the game. Do not share this information with anyone else.

Step 6) Once the launcher gets to 100%, read our Terms of Service, check the “Agree” box, and launch the game with the same username and password you created on the Forum.

Step 7) Create your first character and have fun.


  • If you are having issues with the launcher, try running it as an administrator.
  • Occasionally you will need to whitelist the launcher in your antivirus software before it can run. This is less common, but still something to be aware of.
  • You will need to run the launcher as administrator every time if you set your EiF install directory as C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ – we have found the best result is to install it on a second drive or in its own folder outside Program Files.

Help! I logged into my account and none of my characters are here! What do I do?

Try not to panic. In almost every case, this is caused by accidentally mistyping your username. Log out, check your syntax and caps-lock key, and make sure you are logging into the correct account that you previously played on. If you cannot remember your username, search your game install directory for a file called “characterlist_youraccountname” – the listing here will show your account information. If you have forgotten your password, please reach out to an administrator via Discord. 

How many characters can I make, and what options do I have?


  • Characters: You can make 3 characters on your account, and have all 3 online at the same time.
  • Races: EiF features many new species/races that you may not have seen before. Be sure to check out all the options before you decide. We’ve also recently added Feeorin, too!
  • Character customizations: We have limitations on what customizations EiF is able to implement, but if it’s possible in the future, we’ll add more customizations
  • Racial Bonuses: Each race has different bonuses that may help you with combat or crafting. You can find them all listed at character select, or by reading up on the posting http://www.empireinflames.com/?p=282
  • Languages: Players start with one or more and can teach them to each other. EiF has added more languages and may add more going forward.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Multiple Empire in Flames Accounts are not permitted. Each user may only have one account per household unless approved by our staff. Measures are incorporated to detect multiple user accounts. If you would like to submit a request for another member of the household for the staff to review, you can do so at https://empireinflames.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=50

I’ve made my character. What do I do now?

Starting Out

  • Utilize EiF’s Social Media to connect with staff and players outside of the game. You can find the connection information here.
  • In game, the galaxychat channel is an excellent place to chat, connect, and ask questions
  • Start in a Player City. The NPC cities are not nearly as active as our player cities. Ask in Discord for recommendations. If you lean Imperial or NR, we have those! If you want to craft, some cities are excellent locations. If you are more of a roleplayer, there are cities with a lot of RP possibilities. Here is a listing of the current player cities in EiF.

Leveling Your Character

Once you’re on the ground, it’s time to get started building your character’s skills.  This will be different depending on whether you’re combat or support so we’ll address both.


When you first create your character, you will be given some basic equipment to get going, but there are some things you will want to know as you start your training.

  • Skills: Professions are “what” you do; skills are “how” you do it.  When you create your character you will be given the option to choose a profession, but you will not have any skills to support it.  Once you decide on the combat skills you want to supplement your character, see the appropriate trainer to get started. Professions are explained more in-depth within our Friday Feature.
  • Droid: When in a group, you receive double the experience.  In many of the player cities, there are vendors that sell cheap MSE or “grouper” droids.  Pick one up, group with it, and find a mission terminal. Droids or pets won’t split your mission rewards, so you can grind credits and experience to your heart’s content. 
  • Armor & Weapons: The gear you start with is good enough to get you on your feet so there is no need to worry about this out of the gate. However as you gain more experience and start taking on more difficult mobs, you may find yourself wanting a little more damage or protection in later stages. While leveling you do not need much so look for armor that has high kinetic and energy resistances.  

Additionally, on EiF, you do not need a full suit of armor to gain the benefits of protection.  “Mini-suits” made up of a helmet, chestplate, boots, and gloves will serve you well and can be found for sale in various player cities by reputable armorsmiths. (NOTE: Most of the time mini-suits are packaged together in a container so when searching vendors, make sure you are in the appropriate category)

Don’t exactly see what you’re looking for? If you’re seeking something more specific or have a custom order, player armorsmiths and weaponsmiths will be happy to help you out. Reach out to any of the listed crafters in our Crafter Master Listing, ask in #trade on Discord, or GalaxyChat in-game. 

  • Buffs: No, these weren’t forgotten.  With the changes to HAM made when balancing EiF, buffs are not necessary outside of high-end content or PvP.  So for regular xp and credit grinding, you generally don’t have to worry about them!
  • Healing: Healing requires consumables crafted by medics and docs.
  • Combat: You can damage all pools, but can only incap other players via the health bar. NPCs can be incapped via any pool.

Now that you’re ready, it’s best to know where to go. There are a couple of different options when leveling up a combat character. 

There are of course the mission terminals that allow you to take six missions at a time.  Make sure you have the weapon with which you are most skilled in your hand when you look at mission terminals because this will affect the difficulty level (and therefore XP potential) of what appears on the screen.  This is a good method for leveling because it also provides the credits you will need to train in your skills and profession.

Additionally, there are some very good POI’s that have an abundance of creatures ripe for farming experience.  You may not get credits, but XP can come quickly!  Two good spots are the Narglatch Cave on Naboo or the Great Herd on Tanaab.  These creatures are not too tough and grant decent experience per kill (especially if you have that “grouper” droid handy).


You’ll start with two basic crafting tools and two survey tools.

  • Skills: These are dependent upon the objects you’d like to craft. 
  • Crafting Tools: Depending on the skill you choose, the crafting tools you start out with are enough to get you started. If you want to run a macro, or craft faster, you’ll want to buy more. Some skills will require other crafting tools. These can be bought from other players.
  • Crafting Stations: Crafting stations are specific to the crafting skill you’ve chosen. You will need to find the correct one for your skill. Crafting stations give you access to higher complexity schematics. In fact, some schematics can’t be made without them. Most NPC cities have public crafting stations available. There are also certain player cities that have public crafting stations, so ask around! 

(NOTE: The quality of a crafting station has no impact on crafting in EiF. If you are looking to buy one, don’t worry about the quality. Just go for what you can afford.)

  • Practice Mode: When crafting for XP, selecting “Practice Mode” will give you an XP bump and this is the only way to earn extra XP while crafting. Note that if you craft something in Practice Mode, the object is destroyed upon creation which means that while your inventory won’t fill up, you will be left with nothing to sell.

(NOTE: Galaxy guides on how to best earn XP for a certain crafting skill are still correct, other than for weaponsmith and armorsmith.)

One of the biggest changes for crafting in EiF is that you have to be a merchant to place vendors. If you want to be a crafter, but not a merchant, you’ll have two viable choices to sell your goods: 

  • Choice 1) Take only custom orders and use Discord, the forums, or word of mouth to get your name out there. 
  • Choice 2) Find a merchant willing to rent you a vendor. 

(NOTE: Most of our players do not check for goods on the bazaar. You could try it, but your best chance is to use Choice 1 or 2.)


Once you’ve gained enough experience in the skill box you’re leveling, you’ll need to train in that skill.  There are two options for that; an NPC trainer or another player already trained in that skill.  NPC trainers can be found in static locations throughout the NPC cities like Theed or Coronet as well as in player cities.  It does cost credits to utilize their services and it can get expensive.  

Asking other players can help make the whole process much easier and much easier on your wallet.  To get training from a player, just group with them and they will see an option to “teach” on your radial menu.  Just a few clicks on both sides, accept, and you now have a brand new box in your build!

Trying to plan out a build or want to know what might look like what? Check out our Profession Calculator, created and maintained by EiF player LawdReekris!

I don’t see any other people around after completing the tutorial. Where is everyone? 

You won’t see many bots or seas of AFK Entertainers in Mos Eisley/Coronet/Theed here. Instead, Empire in Flames places a much bigger focus on our community and most people flock to player-made cities rather than NPC ones. If you’re stuck on where to go, reach out in GalaxyChat in-game or in Discord. We have many great player cities that serve as hubs for both new and veteran players.

What sort of combat changes can I expect here compared to other servers?

As you might have noticed, EiF does things very different from most SWGEmu servers. For a more robust take on our combat system, take a look at our feature EiF’s Combat. We also have a guide written from a player’s perspective in Combat in Empire in Flames, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Where’s Combat Medic?

Not here. Poisons and diseases have been removed, and so too has Combat Medic. Instead, all of CM’s ranged and area heals have been folded into the Doctor Profession, giving Doctor far more utility than that of a buff bot.

Where can I find a Surveyor trainer?

Now it’s own Skill, Surveyor Trainers can be found anywhere an old Combat Medic Trainer might have been found. Be sure to check out the above mentioned guide on NPC Trainer locations, or check your in-game map.

What do the PvP and GCW systems look like?

Empire in Flames offers a robust take on the Invasion system and offers many rewards for participating. Check out the guides we have listed below to learn how it works, how to do it, and what you can earn for taking part. 

Where can I place a House? What’s the deal with Player cities?

On EiF, player housing is limited to placement within the boundaries of a player city. You won’t see a chaotic mess of abandoned housing outside of Theed or Mos Eisley here. Player cities are great places to meet others, take advantage of various amenities, and buy gear. If you find a city you like and would like to make your home there, reach out to the Mayor for housing. You can find advertisements for cities welcoming new citizens in our #lfg channel on Discord, or peruse the Player Cities Master Listing on the Forums for more information. 

Where can I buy weapons/armor/items/food/etc? The Bazaar looks empty!

With the focus on Player Cities, most Merchants and Crafters have their own shops and vendors rather than list their goods on the regular Bazaar. To find what you’re looking for, be sure to select the “Vendor Location” tab at the top, and make sure you have “Entire Galaxy” selected.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can use the “Create Waypoint” button to send the waypoint of the corresponding Vendor right to your datapad and head out to make your purchase. 

Don’t forget to check “Wearable Container” under the Misc filter, either. Things like Buff packs, wound kits, and mini-suits are often sold in bundles, rather than individual listings. 

If you still don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out in Discord in our #trade channel to put in your request, or review the Crafter Master Listing so you know who to ping directly with your order. 

Is this a roleplaying server?

Empire in Flames supports roleplay and roleplayers, but it is by no means required to enjoy the server. For those that do gravitate towards roleplaying however, EIF has a diverse roleplaying community and Storytellers to support events and player stories. Be sure to check out the #roleplay channel in Discord, the Roleplaying threads on the Forums, or join the ingame Roleplay chat channel from the chat tab. 

Please note that Staff are not the roleplay police. If you are a roleplayer, please be respectful and mindful of any individual rules set by guilds, cities, or storytellers within an event setting. You are free to act however you please, but remember that In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences. 

What new/event items can I find in-game? 

  • TCG items are being trickled in, mostly as rewards.
  • Veteran reward items can be found as event rewards from seasonal activities
  • EiF has walls (Architects) and flooring (Artisans). Flooring originated on EiF, thank you Abi!
  • Pazaak tables, and a fully playable pazaak mini-game
  • New custom gun models, armor, decoration items, and more

I really liked [ insert item here ] and see that it’s not in-game. Can it be added?

The EiF team is always adding new and existing content to the game, so be assured that there is probably a plan for everything. 

  • You won’t find (Anti Decay Kits) ever, so don’t bother waiting around or asking for these. Not happening. 

What’s the end-game like? What other content do you have?

Empire in Flames features a variety of content, both old and new from what you might remember. 


  • New Instances unique to EiF! Delve into Coruscant’s old ruins with the Sith Shrine, scout an untouched Clone Wars-era facility in Plasma Mining Facility, or investigate a disturbance among the Nightsisters in the revamped Axkva Min. More instances are in development, so expect to see more.

Theme Parks

  • Theme Parks are all shut down; Jabba, the Emperor, and Vader are dead, after all. The EiF team is currently revamping theme parks for the EiF timeline however, and new theme parks will be appearing in the future. Deathwatch Bunker is also currently inaccessible. 

Corellian Corvette 

  • All versions of the ‘Vette can be accessed, though the group limitation has increased from 8 to 10.


  • Click Collections are currently live, consisting of items that are scattered all over the galaxy that can be found and collected. Completing collections can reward items, titles, schematics, or other things. For more information:
  • Other collections are a work in progress and will be released at a future date.

Holiday/Seasonal Events

Every couple of months, EiF features unique festivals and events, each with their own series of activities for players to take part in and earn rewards. 

Can I be a Jedi?

On May 4th, 2021 we launched our Schisms of the Force update, which does contain the long-awaited release of Jedi content. Jedi is currently live, though the secrets of how to complete the unlock and fully become a playable Force user is still on-going…

Do you have JtL?

Unfortunately due to many system hurdles, Jump to Lightspeed is not available on any SMGEmulator based server. That said, many members of both the SWGEmu team, EiF, and others are pooling their knowledge and passion to try and one day make this a reality for all SWGEmu based servers. Significant progress has been made, but there is no estimated timeframe on when this might be made a reality.

What does the future hold for EiF?

Underworld Update

Underworld is our planned upcoming system update for criminal types. Smugglers, bounty hunters, and other nefarious types will each have their roles to play. This is still a work in progress, but be on the lookout for news in the future!

The Mandalorian Enclave

A contingent of Mandalorians has established a base of operations within the formerly abandoned Great Massassi Temple… why are they there, and what might they be guarding? Stay tuned for further updates and reveals!


More content is always in the works, new things are continually being added, and the Staff has great plans for the future. Welcome to Empire in Flames. We do the weird stuff.


Additional Reading and Player-Created Guides



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