Armor crafting resources

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Ryian Coron
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Armor crafting resources

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AFAIK one of the goals of introducing the core system to armor was to bring all types of armor on equal footing. Which is to say that composite was no longer to be the high end beats everything armor. Stats wise, that worked. Bone armor is now basically just as effective, assuming the same core is being used. However, on the flipside, shouldn't that mean that all types of armor should also be equally difficult to make?

Here I see a vast discrepancy. Where the formerly lower tier armors required only the most generic types of resources, composite and padded armor still have very specific demands. To my knowledge the requirements have been leveled for weapon crafting, as far as shells/skins are concerned. Which is to say that a T-21 rifle requires the same rersources as a CDEF rifle. I'd like to suggest a similiar pass to be made on armor resource requirements.

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Re: Armor crafting resources

Post by Cael »

Makes sense to me, although presumably composite would require less bone.
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Re: Armor crafting resources

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For the most part, the variance comes down to only 1-2% between armor crafts. I think it's perfectly okay as it is now, as the stuff that really matters (AKA Dictates 95% of the armor's stats) are in the layers. The specific resources for those that need it are used in the "flashier looking" armors, and you can get away 100% with using average quality for those without worry.

I haven't had any problems so far. Waited a few weeks for composite resource to spawn, but I'm still waiting for some layers resources to spawn so it's not really a big deal in the long run.
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