EiF Patch Notes - 06/15/2021

Upcoming and current changes to the Starsider server
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EiF Patch Notes - 06/15/2021

Post by liesmyth » Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:37 am

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EiF Patch Notes – 06/15/2021 Jedi Jedi specials now are all interrupted by being knocked down. No offensive or defensive powers will work while KD. Jedi specials should now be usable while berserk. Krayt pearl drops have been reworked. Various krayt dragons will drop different levels of pearls. The overall chance of looting a pearl has been improved. (Demiurge) Typo fixed in the Maul's Vengeance crystal name. Faction recruiters now have special Jedi loot. Master Jedi can talk to a faction recruiter – in person, not via holocomm – to access this special trove of relics. Warfame vendors now have special Jedi loot. Master Jedi can talk ...

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