EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21

Upcoming and current changes to the Starsider server
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EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21

Post by liesmyth » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:36 am

The following is an excerpt of a blog article.  Read Full Article

EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21 Boonta Eve Boonta Eve has been disabled for the year. Jedi Loot drops have been added and corrected where appropriate. Initial version of lightsaber recolor. Lightsaber schematics corrected. Lightsaber subcomponent decay added. New lightsaber crystal/pearl system implemented. (Anishor) Screenplay hooks added for manipulating Jedi stats. Removed Jedi XP loss on clone. Adjusted meditation system messages. QoL Reworked “Find Lost Items” on structure management terminal. (Phoenix) Fixed lot withdrawal also triggering house packup. Added newsnet terminals to all major starports. General Fixed missing Ewok spawns at Ewok tree village. Fixed missing hide type on Talus world boss. Removed vendor droid from Taanab. Plasma Mining Facility bonus boss updated with new text. (Demiurge) Added new Mandalorian weapons. (Not ...

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