[New Republic Holonet News] Imperial Protestors on Chandrilla Accuse the Senate of Hypocrisy

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[New Republic Holonet News] Imperial Protestors on Chandrilla Accuse the Senate of Hypocrisy

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"In the Senate square of Chandrilla, a small group of civilians have took up placards which accuses the Republic of hypocrisy in reaction to their open support of the Galactic Empire and its government being shut down by local Republic law enforcement only a couple of days ago.

The local police forces have found themselves in a state of statis, unsure of how to react as people await for a if any offical response from the Senate. Recent footage of the protestors has been broadcast over local holonet stations of which showcases their arguments and complaints against the Republic"

*A holovid plays showing a small group of protestors surrounded by onlookers and a few scattered New Republic guards*

"This, so called democracy lies with its false promises of free speech! They claimed for years, as the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and as of this very moment, that they fought to rid the galaxy of opression! Of dictatorship! And now they dictate and opress OUR right of free speech in sharing our PERSONAL views of the galaxy's governments!

Is this Republic founded on lies? ARE they the terrorists and charalatans that the Empire has always tried to warn us about? We can only let you as the people look upon us and decide for yourselves!

*Footage cuts*

"The Senate has yet to reply, but these protestors demand the freedom to be able to freely share their views of both Imperial rule and New Republic rule. The current situation has certainly shook up things in what is typically the peaceful city of Hanna." Many await what will happen next. Opinions have been greatly mixed, some agreeing with the shutting down of any promotion of the Empire, whilst others can empathise with the the protestor's points.
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