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Recap of RP Event "Trouble Visits Dark Coven"

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm
by Aritana
If you missed the action on October 22, here is a recap of the action:

A Cry for Help

A few gathered in Dark Coven’s Cantina, including Kerenza, Qizie, Venatus (“Vennie”), Nevare, Hallia, and a peculiar Hutt named Arachne. They chatted, sometimes uncomfortably, but also with shows of great respect. After Kerenza gave a full tour of the multileveled cantina, a panicked yell for help came from outside. It was a low-ranking cook from the clan, named Kyox’je. She told those gathered that something terrible happened at Tree Ridge Point, not 500 m away on the basin’s edge. She went there to pick berries, and she had brought two protectors with her. That’s when something horrifying descended from above and attacked them. She admitted she was incapable of harming even a fly, even if she tried to swat it. So, Kyox’je, with great guilt, confessed that she ran away, leaving the two imperiled protectors behind to their doom. Her motive to flee the scene was to find anyone in town to help the protectors, or at least, recover what was left of them. So distressed, Kyox’je felt she was having a heart attack, but it was mere panic. Kyox’je was led by Qizie into the cantina, sedated, and attended to by a Jai in a locked room.

Tree Ridge Point

With heightened awareness, the group carefully walked to Tree Ridge Point. There, they came upon the skeletonized remains of the two protectors. Not only were the skeletons completely stripped of flesh, but even the bones look pitted. In addition, there was a ring of sharp-edged pebbles that were mysteriously hot to the touch. Hallia attempted to establish a small staging area to prepare the bodies for transport down to the village for a dignified burial. She was about to cast a protective spell against aerial attacks but was interrupted.

A disturbance in the Force was strongly felt by all. The ground beneath them began to shake, and a tornado of mud and rock chaotically emerged, flinging hot, sharp-edged pebbles in all directions. Vennie dived to protect Kerenza from the sharp pellets. Hallia tested the tornado by firing a cold bolt into it with a conventional weapon, which was perfectly absorbed and had no effect. Kerenza attempted to conjure a water barrier. Her efforts proved to not be enough as the menacing, whirling funnel of black mud and rock towered above them. Instead of engaging the tornado, doctor Qizie rolled up into a ball, protecting her head while helping Kerenza continue to focus on the formation of a barrier. Nevare attempted to perform a counterspell to collapse the tornado, but it had grown massive and overpowering.

Hallia hit the ground and got an idea that this tornado had to be animated by someone in range. But in which direction was the spellweaver? The night was dark, and the skies had opened with pouring rain. They couldn’t physically see anything, nor could they sense which direction it was coming from. Everything felt clouded, perhaps another spell in effect.

The bad weather cleared finally, and Vennie finally spotted a faint flash on a nearby pinnacle. A dark figure was seen perched upon its peak. Just as the figure was discovered, all hell broke loose as a finale, and the tornado flung most of its steaming hot pellets outward. The whole group took serious wounds and lacerations. Nevare summoned a lightning strike onto the peak, but by the time it hit the exact spot, the figure was gone. The tornado then flew apart, and all went quiet.

Vennie was eager to hunt down whoever it was, but Nevare stopped him. Their party consisted of one sorcerer, a ranger, two rather untrained Initiates, and a male. They would be no match with what was possibly a ring of spellweavers. The group was also puzzled as to why the stones were hot to the touch. Vennie gathered up a few for analysis.

Back to Dark Coven - a Surprise Encounter

With the remains of the protectors carried by Vennie's pet rancor, they ran back to town. As they entered the village, Hallia caught sight of something near the village’s central brazier. Two rangers wearing peculiar clothing were wandering around the village. As they approached the two, they turned, aggressively ran towards the party, and engaged in a short fight. The rangers were ultimately no match.

Hallia immediately recognized the clothes as that belonging to the Red Hills Clan, a clan she knew well since the clan was close to her Thundering Steppes Clan homeland. However, the facial markings were foreign. The Red Hills Clan were known to be peaceful, and they never engaged in treachery.

Nevare focused and captured the spirits before they moved on to the spirit world. With great reluctance, under compulsive magic, they were forced to admit they were a splinter from The Red Hills called The Hidden Ones. The spirits warned that the village will soon feel their full strength. Nevare realized this was the prelude to war with the treacherous Hidden Ones. He offered Hallia a position of becoming a full Sister if she dedicated herself to fighting for the village. She felt honored and agreed to this perilous duty.

Re: Recap of RP Event "Trouble Visits Dark Coven"

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:11 pm
by Aritana
If you missed the action on October 29th, here is a short recap:


Thorn and Hallia decided to investigate Tree Ridge Point and examine the pinnacle across the ridge, where the shadowy caster had been spotted during the tornado assault. Carefully climbing up to the top, they saw heavy footprints in the mud, but they could find nothing else on the peak. Noting that the witch disappeared so quickly as to avoid Nevare’s lightning strike, they carefully climbed down the other side, and found a cave system with several openings. The witch (and quite possibly more than one) apparently had an escape route. It was nearly pitch black, so it was near to impossible to investigate further.

The Meeting

Hallia had earlier sent word to the Red Hills Clan, asking if they could approach their Clan Mother with questions. The response was disappointing. The Clan Mother refused to meet with the Dark Coven villagers – why, it was not revealed. Instead, she would send an envoy. It was the only option at that point.

The Red Hills Clan envoy stood on the dock, just out of sight of the busy shuttle port of the Trade Outpost. She was alone, unarmed, and wary of the group that was approaching.

Kerenza was picked to be the spokesperson for their meeting. Hallia gave her great encouragement, knowing she was ready for the task. During the conversation, it was evident the envoy was being very careful with her words. She was not about to reveal all of what was happening.

The information gathered was as follows:
  • The scouts found next to the central brazier in Dark Coven may have been wearing the clothing typical of the Red Hills Clan, but all the sisters of the clan were accounted for. Not one was missing.

    The elemental powers demonstrated at Tree Ridge Point were indeed common among the Red Hills Clan sisters, but they have no interest in Dark Coven.

    The envoy agreed – from the sound of the severity of the tornado, there probably were several spell weavers helping animate the mud and stone.

    When Kerenza revealed that the scouts mentioned they are of The Hidden Ones, the envoy looked alarmed. Indeed, the sisters of the Red Hills Clan have been having great internal trouble with The Hidden Ones.

    The Hidden Ones had managed to infiltrate and corrupt the Red Hills Clan.

    The Hidden One’s leader is a witch named Txanya. No one in the party knew of that name.

    The envoy stated that Txanya and her Hidden Ones may try to pick off village protectors until their village becomes defenseless, and then move in to claim what they desire.

    If the village of Dark Coven has a weak-minded individual, The Hidden Ones might be using this person for communication.

    The villagers needed to go back immediately and protect their village.

    The envoy warned - when they returned to their village, they would need to examine everything. They should look for anything that was new, out of place, or touched when it should not have been.

    The envoy also made the criticism, that if their protectors are few, then they would need outside help. The Red Hills Clan couldn’t possibly come to their aid, however. They have had terrible struggles of late, and they have had their hands full. Their own clan took priority.

    The party decided, they must rush to Nevare with this information, and let him lead in what they should do next.

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Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:38 am
by Aritana
The recap for the Jato meeting on November 7th:


At the Mistell Cantina on Jato, Hallia confided to Qizie that she had been targeted for a hex. She made alarming discoveries in her hut – a candle replaced with one mixed with unidentified herbs, a thread taken from a tapestry causing it to fray, and a very small, hexed statuette in a deep crease in her seating. She had been feeling ill at ease, even sick to her stomach and with a near debilitating headache. This tampering must have occurred while they were out fighting the summoned tornado. The “Hidden One” rangers had been very busy. Hallia expressed worry that crucial items, like the medical supplies in Dark Coven’s infirmary, may have been tampered with or tainted. With urgency, Qizie agreed to check.

Hallia strongly sensed that the village might be under attack soon by “The Hidden Ones.” She sensed a darkness encircling the village. If what they experienced at Tree Ridge Point was a taste of what will be approaching them from all sides, they will be in trouble. Nevare suggested that he set more wards around the village.

Hallia was aware that their mission was to hire the mercenaries at Jato, but at what cost? It might be too high for the village. With Nevare’s connections, and the fact that the clan had aided the mercs in the past, he was confident he could secure help – with a very important condition...

The Mercenaries of Jato

Nevare, Qizie, Hallia, and Kerenza sat at the back end of the circle at the mission headquarters on Jato. Nevare reported there was inter-clan warfare on Dathomir, and that they needed the help of the mercenaries.

Nevare explained that the rivals were trying to encircle Dark Coven, preparing for an attack. They had not identified any specific targets of interest except perhaps an elderly woman among the battle group. They probably will have at least ten seasoned users of the force. The time to strike would be in a few days, waiting for the full strength of the witches to assemble, thus they would have the opportunity to kill them all in one night.

Then came the condition. Nevare personally knew there were magic users associated with factions among the mercs. He would not allow them to fight for Dark Coven. Dark Coven’s unique culture and beliefs had made them a target for those with extreme attitudes about the force, both among the Inquisitors and the Jedi. The villagers had enjoyed their independence, not to be beholden to any religious faction. In addition, force users on either side of the galactic struggle had been known to steal their children, as well as arresting, imprisoning and murdering the magic-using adults who refused to follow their fanatical religions.

Alifisno noted that he didn’t run backgrounds on the mercs. But he agreed to post the mission.

Nevare increased the payment to ensure that no Inquisitor or Jedi will enter Dark Coven. That anyone who was covertly of those religions would be called out and dismissed. He also suggested that if in doubt, he could perform a blood test. This suggestion was met with some concern and shock.

Saloom’Ven asked what would happen to those magic users who were of those factions? Nevare responded that the clan had been attacked before, and that any betrayal would result in hunting the offender down and punishing them in nightmarish ways. The extra credits would be used as a retainer in case someone did betray the party. Kaylee mentioned that this was a steep responsibility.

Thaych assured that no one in the mercs was a magic user, and that they had no ties to the factions, let alone others who used the force. Any extra payment would be a loss. Thaych and Iashha strongly verbalized their rejection of the mission.

But Traycn seemed to agree to the terms – if they didn’t mind his beliefs, and if the credits were good. Nevare stated that the credits were indeed good, and that the Nightsisters had no difficulty with Traycn’s culture, since they even had a few as Jai. Nevare mentioned the Mandalorian Draxen as an example.

Alysheba asked, why would they need their help in this? The clans on Dathomir were always fighting. Nevare answered that they needed to shift the odds in favor of keeping Dark Coven free. The village had always been welcoming of galactic visitors, unlike any other village on Dathomir. They provided a safe place to rest in their cantina. They had supplied hunters with a secure area to resupply and regroup. They kept a convenient landing pad, and they also had an infirmary for those who became hurt in the wilds. All of this would vanish if the attackers were to have their way.

Traycn agreed with the mission but wished to visit the village before the fight.

After the meeting, Hallia voiced to Kerenza her hope that the village will be saved, though the mercenaries might be unprepared for the magnitude of what they will be facing.

Re: Recap of RP Event "Trouble Visits Dark Coven"

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:10 pm
by Aritana
Recap of events as they unfolded on the night of November 8:

Landing Pad: Hallia welcomed Traycn and Lucia to Dark Coven. They were not there for a vacation, but rather they were there to investigate the village, examine the perimeter, suggest fortifications, and prepare for any future assault. Traycn took his time taking in all the details.

Infirmary: Qizie was assessing the preparedness for any assault and casualties but was fiercely defensive about her ability to investigate her own supplies for tampering. She frowned on Traycn reexamining them, and so Hallia and Traycn left for Hallia’s hut. Lucia stayed behind for a tour around the infirmary.

Hallia’s Hut: Hallia mentioned to Traycn there were three things that were amiss. First, a candle had been replaced by another loaded with poisonous herbs. Traycn mentioned this was clearly an assassination attempt. Second, a thread had been taken from one of her tapestries – and private items are often taken and used in hexes. Third, a small hematite statuette of a corpse, about the size of a thumb, was stuck into the crease of a couch. Traycn analyzed the items for DNA. It was determined it was human female DNA. Hallia was shocked to hear the DNA was human. There was only one able-bodied woman roaming free in their village. Kyox’je, the one who originally sent them towards what was indeed an ambush.

Kyox’je’s hut: Hallia entered boldly, commanding that Kyox’je show herself. But she wasn’t home. Hallia, Tracyn and Lucia searched the hut and found a brazier, fired up with intoxicants and strange items. It was a method of communication. Hallia drew near and, in a daze, could only sense darkness. But clearly Kyox’je was the weak link the Red Hills envoy warned them about. That’s when Hallia realized, Kyox’je was one of their cooks.

Guildhall: Hallia flew to the guildhall and investigated their most special herbs near the food preparation area. She noted too that they had been switched for poison. Hallia will need to instruct Qizie to find antidotes if people come down with great sickness. Traycn was gracious enough to offer food from his ship’s containers to the villagers.

Perimeter: Traycn, Lucia, and Hallia decided to look around the perimeter. Hallia mentioned that a great darkness plagued her dreams, and it was looming from a place not so far from her hut. So they decided to investigate. Surprisingly, a large patch of tar was freshly bubbling up and pooling. The tar pits weren’t there a week ago.

Overlook: The three came upon a high area that overlooked the village. A perfect area to watch the mayhem erupt. The three of them took note.

Grassy Hill: Sensing magic, Hallia stopped upon a high grassy hill, and she found a mummified humanoid hand stuck inside a tree stump - certainly a magical focus. Traycn mentioned that she should find who it belonged to – if it was the result of a murder of a sister from another clan, Dark Coven might enlist them in their protection as well. If it was from an off-worlder, they might be able to judge what additional resources these “Hidden Ones” had. Hallia agreed to the further investigation and stuffed the mummified hand into her pocket.

Hallia thanked Traycn and Lucia for their help that night and uncovering a few details that were sorely missed.

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Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:05 am
by Aritana
Recap of the events on November 10:

The launchpad was busy that fateful, dark afternoon. Several battle-ready villagers came to engage in the struggle: Nevare, Araneae Webdancer, Qizie, Hallia Stormsong, and Kerenza Moondancer. A few mercenaries arrived: Traycn Miit, Lucia Vesper, Rith’an, Cari Dasst, and Jamus Bren. A visitor lounging in the cantina named Zarek was also enlisted in the struggle. And with some surprise, Vennie Mortis came as well, despite some tension between him and Traycn from past events.

Hallia made a plea that people set aside any differences and come together in defense of the village – a place which not only provided safe refuge on Dathomir, but also had a convenient landing pad, and the only area on the planet to repair vehicles. There was also a guarantee of a large credit payout if the Hidden Ones’ invasion was foiled.

The night was young, the great moon was rising, and magic was crackling around the village of Dark Coven. Before the arrival of the mercenaries, Hallia carefully scouted the perimeter and found several areas where the invasion force was assembling. It appeared they were about to be flanked.

The defenders started searching above the landing pad. There were just a few scouts found on the slopes, probably spying on who was coming in and out of Dark Coven. They were easily defeated, which led to feelings of confidence.

As the group circled clockwise towards the area Hallia had scouted earlier, they came upon a major part of the Hidden Ones’ invasion force coming from the tar pits – many sentinels, spell weavers, and elders. The mercs and villagers destroyed their forces from that side of the village. If this was indicative of the Hidden Ones' forces, their defeat indicated that the villagers and mercs had the numbers to save the village.

They circled clockwise and found several Hidden One leaders at the village’s overlook. Perhaps they were there to orchestrate the invasion from above the village – a place that Hallia had assessed for that very purpose earlier. Vennie circled around to attack from behind. The mercs and villagers prevailed in the fight as well.

They continued towards the grassy, gently sloping hill, and found another large grouping, exactly where Hallia had found the mummified hand in the tree stump. It was a larger force than the others, and they were within a stone’s throw of the cantina below. This gathering gave the party a hefty beating, and several fell in combat due to their throats being crushed. But what would have been a flanking invasion was entirely smashed.

Hopefully, the Hidden Ones had been entirely decimated in the defense of Dark Coven and would pose no future threat to any clan on Dathomir. Hallia would later send word the Red Hills Clan regarding their defeat, hoping to cement ties between their clans. Hallia was left to ponder if they had indeed killed their leader, Txanya.

After the defeat of the Hidden Ones' invasion, a surprise visitor appeared suddenly. Sith Lord Liquidus revealed himself at the top of the grassy hill, claiming he had tipped the scales in the favor of the village by meditating during the battle. The villagers were greatly offended by this suggestion, thinking that Lord Liquidus was attempting to steal the credit for their success in battle. Nevare made it clear that the Sith Lord wasn’t welcome within the limits of the village.

Hallia told Nevare that the mercs were awaiting their payment in the cantina. She stayed behind and had a peculiar discussion with Lord Liquidus. She sensed darkness, including lies and deceit, but she set that aside and listened. He noted that they should have relied purely on the villagers, with the confidence they had the magic to prevail without the help of mercenaries. Relying on off-world mercs made them look weak. Hallia left Lord Liquidus looking out over the village from the grassy hill. Something about his presence on the outskirts was perhaps just as ominous as the invasion.

As she walked into the cantina, Hallia heard the words “a million credits,” and she overheard one merc saying this was one of the best-paying jobs they had taken. Nevare was certainly grateful and generous, as the village should be. Hallia stressed that the mercs were welcomed back at any time, to use their village as a safe base – a much-needed oasis in the middle of a dangerous world.