Kashyyyk long gun (aka Wookiee long gun)

If you have an idea for an object, armor, weapon, deco, etc. that has NEVER existed in SWG, this is the place to make a request. As with other requests, the developer and the EIF Owner will approve all creations. Making the request will not guarantee it will be created or placed into the game.
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Kashyyyk long gun (aka Wookiee long gun)

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Asset Name: Kashyyyk long gun - could be added when we get kash - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kashyyyk_long-gun

Asset Category: weapon

Description of the Asset: goes pew pew at enemy’s of the wookiee’s.

E92163EF-2EFE-4DE9-BE89-5D77953C62A9.jpeg (117.01 KiB) Viewed 4561 times

Why do you feel this asset should be created for EiF? Because I think it’s an awesome gun and would be great for the Wookiee’s of the server.
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