'Nosolee Prudii

What others would be able to know about your character. Add an OOC section for things which could be discovered through RP!
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'Nosolee Prudii

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Full Name: 'Nosolee Haran Prudii
Nicknames: Prudii, Jaws, Joker, Shadow, Tinman, Nos, Noso, Sparky, Nubbins, So So, Noodles


Race: Human/Zabrak - Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Hair: Red-brown
Skin: Slightly tan
Eyes: Silver
Height: 6' 8" (2.03 meters)
Weight: 292lbs

Place of Residence: New Zeltros/The Impenetrable
Place of Birth: Kachirho, Kashyyyk

Tal'len Prudii (Father)
Gra'tua Ordo-Prudii (Mother)
Iatef (Brother - Adopted)
-Various others through Aliit Prudii-

Marital Status:

Thara Lee Prudii (Daughter)
Tahlia Dral Prudii (Daughter)
Nal'len Telaran Havok Prudii (Son)
Rhinjin Prudii (Son)

Alor of Aliit Prudii
Quartermaster for the Mandalorian Protectors
Former-Sheriff of the Savareen Peacekeepers
Former Master Sergeant Scout Trooper with the Empire

Aliit Prudii - Alor
Mandalorian Protectors

YV-560 - "The Impenetrable"

An unusually tall human who still walks with an almost militaristic manner. His face is heavily scarred, pocked here and there with various sized marks, the most notable being the large horizontal scar over his left eye and the two on either side of his jaw. Poking through his red-brown hair, are small, charcoal colored horns, crowning just above his forehead and around the length of his scalp. His hair is almost always kept in a ponytail, even when wearing a helmet. 'Nosolee is rarely out of some type of armor, most notable of which is his heavily customized Mandalorian armor.



(Super medically accurate)

- His cybernetics are only replacements for lost limbs. The only advantage they provide is that they are much more durable than natural bone -

- Right arm is the natural muscle and bone several inches past the shoulder, below is a high-grade cybernetic replacement
- Full high-grade cybernetic replacement for the left arm
- The right leg is natural muscle and bone two inches above the knee with a high-grade cybernetic replacement replacing the missing limb below
- The left leg is also natural muscle and bone six inches above the knee with the high-grade cybernetic replacement below
- The C7 Cervical Vertebrae to the L5 Lumbar Vertebrae have been intricately replaced with an extremely high-grade and experimental cybernetic spine replacement
- The lower jaw bone has been replaced with a high-grade cybernetic replace, allowing for better movement and more durability than the previous bone
- Both eyes have been replaced with high-grade cybernetic replacements. Neither replacement is equipped with any special enhancements
- A cybernetic chip has been implanted into the Primary Somatosensory Cortex of his brain which is linked to all four cybernetic replaced limbs through the experimental cybernetic spine for more "Real" senses with the organic-like cybernetic synth-skin

- A Lava Flea head slightly coming out of a yellow lined circle on his right shoulder
- The Prudii Clan symbol of a Katarn Skull with the word "Prudii" written in Mando'a underneath on the left side of his chest


- The Mandalorian war poem Gra'tua Cuun wrapped around his left forearm in Mando'a


- The Mandalorian poem Dha Werda Verda wrapped around his right forearm, also in Mando'a


Fashion of Choice:
Suits or his old off-duty flight jacket and slacks.
Armor of Choice:
A set of Mandalorian armor custom forged from two ancient sets of Aliit armor
Weapons of Choice:
A custom E-11 rifle and a sword forged from Mandalorian Iron.


Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, friendly, caring, protective.
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, sometimes can be hard to understand.
Misc. Quirks: Cybernetics. Lots of them. A lot smarter than he looks or sounds.

Interests: Drawing, Designing armor, Forging armor and blades, fishing.

1: Lava Fleas and Dewbacks
2: Working at his forge
3: Lists

Favorite Foods: Uj Cake, Steak
Favorite Drinks: Caf and Whiskey
Favorite Colors: Red and Black

1: Slavers
2: Blacksun
3: Dathomir

1: Crafting and designing armor
2: Hunting
3: Research and reading



39 BBY:
- 'Nosolee Prudii is born in the village of Kachiro on Kashyyyk to Tal'len Prudii and Gra'tua Ordo

32 BBY:
- Begins his training as a Mandalorian

30 BBY:
- Kills his first sentient, a Doshan Slaver, after discovering the slaver attempting to kill a young Wookiee
- The Wookiee Bekabukk pledges a Life-Debt to 'Nosolee after being saved by him

29 BBY:
- WIth the aid of Bekabukk, his father Tal'len, and a Clan of Wookiees, brings down a Slaver Camp on the outskirts of Kachiro

28 BBY:
- Begins his Four Trials by slaying the Katarn patriarch known as Jagged Maw in a Wroshyr grotto
- Crafts his first hunting blade from the tooth of Jagged Maw

27 BBY:
- Sneaks into a Slaver camp with Bekabukk, rescuing a clan of Wookiees
- Passes his Second Trial by traversing deep into the caves of Kashyyyk by finding the helmet of the Second Founder, Haran Prudii
- Discovers the home of an Unknown Force User deep in the crystal caves
- Learns of his Force abilities and begins training in secret with the aid of the Force User

26 BBY:
- Continues returning to the cave under the guise of a lone hunting trip
- Instructed to find a Kyber crystal deeper in the Crystal Caves for the creation of a lightsaber
- Stumbles across a hibernating Terentatek while searching for his crystal, which he finds in a patch below the sleeping beast
- Successfully extracts the Kyber crystal without waking the Terentatek and brings it back to the Force User
- Crafts his lightsaber using the crystal and another fang from Jagged Maw
- Passes his Third Trial by scaling the Great Tree of Kachiro without any equipment

25 BBY:
- Retreats after being ambushed by Slavers with Bekabukk and two other surviving Wookiees on a hunting trip
- Crafts a set of Mandalorian armor as his Fourth Trial
- Passes his Trials and training, earning a place in his Aliit as a Mandalorian

24 BBY:
- Leaves Kashyyyk for the first time
- Travels to Mandalore with his father, grandfather, and Bekabukk
- Continues his Force training in private

23 BBY:
- Gains an interest in relic finding after joining his grandfather on a hunt for a lost set of armor

22 BBY:
- Learns of his "Master" using him for his own purposes and challenges him
- Kills the Unknown Force User in saber combat using all of his combined training, marking his first Force User kill

21 BBY:
- Joins his father, Tal'len, on several missions aiding the CIS against the Republic in the Clone Wars
- Meets Vasilli Beviin for the first time, though only remembers him when meeting him long after the Clone Wars

20 BBY:

- Tells his parents of his Force sensitivity and training and is embraced and praised for it
- Learns of past Force Users in his Aliit, including the discovery that the Second Founder was actually a Sith male, and is his direct ancestor, along with Draiir Prudii.
- Gains a fascination with droids after aiding a squad of Commando droids with a skirmish on Duros

19 BBY:
- Gains his hatred for Clones after his home on Kashyyyk is attacked by the 501st during the Battle of Kashyyyk
- Discovers a crashed YT-1300 not far from Kachiro with Bekabukk
- Scavenges parts from the wrecks of Clone and Droid vehicles, restoring the YT-1300
- Becomes the Second Mate aboard the YT-1300 "The Argo" after Bekabukk finishes the ship
- Realizes his avid ability at gunning while ambushed by Rogue Droids above Naboo in The Argo

18 BBY:
- Reluctantly joins the new Galactic Empire as a Scout Trooper

12 BBY:
- Kills a Jedi Knight after taking on a bounty from the Empire, marking his second Force Sensitive kill and his first lightsaber trophy

9 BBY:
- Promoted to Master Sergeant Prudii
- Becomes the next Alor of Aliit Prudii after his Grandfather dies

8 BBY:
- Loses his entire squad on Endor's forest moon on a recon mission
- Dshonorably discharged from the Empire

5 BBY:
- Joins up with a Mandalorian Mercenary outfit, meeting Vasilli Beviin once more, and travels to the planet Tempestus
- Shatters several vertebrae after falling off a cliff on Tempestus
- Receives his first cybernetic implants; A cybernetic spine
- Receives a cybernetic right arm after losing the original to an Imperial sniper in Black Sands, Tatooine
- Joins the Law Enforcement group in West Carova
- Takes a bounty out on a Force Sensitive, marking his third Force Sensitive kill
- Captured by Black Sun and is tortured.
- Receives a cybernetic jaw after his is completely shattered

4 BBY:
- Captured by another group of pirates who torture him and slice off his cybernetic right arm and his left leg
- Gains a cybernetic left leg
- Loses his left arm after a fight with Doshan Slavers
- Gains a cybernetic left arm
- Aids several Stormtroopers in defending against a rogue Force User, killing her in the battle, marking his fourth Force User kill and second lightsaber trophy
- Caught in an ambush just outside of West Carova and is gunned down by an E-Web cannon
- Has the last of his limbs replaced by a cybernetic
- Marries Lu'nara Starwolf
- Becomes the father of Rhinjin Prudii
- Visits Tempestus again with Vasilli and Xalcla, losing both eyes in an ambush by local creatures
- Gains cybernetic eyes
- Captured by Imperials and sent to Naboo where an Inquisitor injects him with a Sith poison
- Loses control of his Force abilities due to the Sith poison and nearly destroys himself and his ship, The Impenetrable
- Escapes to Dathomir to assist with the Imperials located there
- Ambushed by Nightsisters and captured

3 BBY - 0 BBY:
- Enslaved on Dathomir by Nightsisters

0 BBY:
- Manages to Escape Dathomir, losing his armor in the process and learns of the death of Bekabukk
- Locks The Argo away on Kashyyyk
- Finds his way back to Tatooine
- Meets Taylah Ma'Ordel in Paradise Dunes
- Flees Paradise Dunes while being pursued by Imperials
- Finds a job in law enforcement in the town of Savareen
- Forges a new set of Mandalorian armor from two separate sets of ancient armor
- Dies after an ambush in Savareen, but is brought back to life
- Marries Taylah Ma'Ordel on Tatooine
- Promoted to Sheriff of Savareen
- Becomes the father of Tahlia and Thara Prudii

1 ABY:
- Becomes the Father of Nal'len Prudii
- Kills a rogue Nightsister in Savareen with his bare hands, marking his Sixth Force User kill
- Becomes Sheriff of Savareen again
- Re-engaged to Taylah Prudii
- Re-married to Taylah Prudii
- Becomes Alor of Aliit Prudii'Aran again
- Is named Godfather to Nivaran Andovai-Passik, Fay'valu and Harkor Andovai's child

2 ABY:
- Flees Savareen after the Galactic Empire takes control of the resort town due to its location near their secretive Hyperdrive Facility

5 ABY (Roughly):
- Lands on the shadow port space station Known as Jato with Taylah Prudii
- After assisting the crew of Jato and several mercenaries, is made Head of Security aboard the station
- Moves into a home in the newly founded city of New Zeltros on Naboo
- Divorces Taylah Prudii
- Resigns as head of Jato Security
- Finds a mysterious medallion in his belt pouch after a trip to an asteroid filled with droids and cultists with the Jato crew

6 ABY (Roughly):
- Returns to the galaxy at large after spending half a year on Kashyyyk assisting with Clan business and taking care of his children
- Joins a chapter of the Mandalorian Protectors lead by Thaych Tsanthar and is named Quartermaster
- To be continued...
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Re: 'Nosolee Prudii

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Added a few extra things for some fluff! And some pictures, because who doesn't like details?

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Re: 'Nosolee Prudii

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Updated! Took away a few things that are no longer relevant and fixed up a few details.

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Re: 'Nosolee Prudii

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Updated again! This time, I added a nifty timeline.

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