EiF Policies and Rules

The policies and rules for playing on an Empire in Flames
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EiF Policies and Rules

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Voicing Your Concerns:

You can voice your concerns, or give us any feedback you may have here:


Empire in Flames Accounts are used to access the Empire in Flames Network, including but not limited to: the Empire in Flames Forums, Website, Test Center(s), Bug Tracker and Discord Server. All Empire in Flames Users must follow the following rules in respect to their Empire in Flames Account:

1.1 Multiple Empire in Flames Accounts are not permitted. Each user may only have one account per household unless approved by our staff. Measures are incorporated to detect multiple user accounts. Please see the Account Issues Policy for help.

1.2 Users under the age of 13 may not create an account.

1.3 If you are banned, it is not permitted to get back to the Empire in Flames Network on an alternate account. You may contact an Empire in Flames Community Manager to discuss the nature of your ban and its duration via email or private message. Send an email to swg.eif@gmail.com if you feel a ban has been issued unfairly.

1.4 Do not buy or sell your accounts, everything here is free, there is no need to pay for anything. Do not give your password to anyone, compromised accounts will be banned.

1.5 Account names and all subsequent user names must be appropriate or they will be banned.


In the interest of maintaining a constructive and equal environment for everyone, all users of the Empire in Flames Forums and Website should follow these guidelines:

2.1 Do not transmit or facilitate distribution of content (including images or videos) that is:
Racially offensive
Sexually offensive
Ethnically offensive
Overtly sexual

In addition to 2.1:
No spamming, baiting and trolling will not be tolerated
No Personal attacks or insults.
No gore

2.2 Do not repost deleted or closed threads or posts.

2.3 No spam or advertisements

2.4 Do not post any user's real-world personal information without his or her expressed permission.

2.5 Do not impersonate another person (including celebrities), indicate falsely that you are a Empire in Flames Staff Member or a representative of any other community

2.6 Do not promote the use of illegal client. Any proven use of an illegal client will result in a ban.

2.7 Do not attempt to interfere with, hack into to or disrupt functionality of the servers which contribute to the SWGEmu Network. Or upload files or post a link that contains a virus or malicious data.

2.8 Do not promote the use of a 3rd party software for the purpose of automating a character or characters in game

2.9 No R.I.P. threads unless the person is actually deceased, no '"goodbye" threads or posts for temporarily or permanently banned users.

PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW Empire in Flames Based Server Section Rules and Polices too.

Additional guidelines:
Respect each other. It's okay to argue, but try to settle flame wars in private messages.
Respect the Empire in Flames staff's authority.
Please use only English to communicate. It is okay to use other languages in private messages and forums groups.
Do not report same post repeatedly
Refrain from posting about server status, it is frowned up on. For (somewhat) correct server info use our front page gadget www.empireinflames.com or our Discord #server-status channel.

Please try to post in appropriate sections

Do not promote or advertise other SWGEmu or non-SWGEmu based servers on our forums in any other section then one designed for that very purpose. If you do decide to do that, follow the guidelines posted in the sticky thread in that section. Any posts that are outside that section or are not in accordance with our guidelines will be deleted. Keep in mind that re-posting of deleted content is already regulated by our website and forum guideline 2.2

In situations where the interpretation, implementation, or specific application of a rule is called into question, it will default to the staff to provide guidance and ruling on such circumstance. Forum/game users may file an appeal to said ruling at the listed locations above in the "Voicing your concerns" section. All submissions will be reviewed by senior staff.

When posting large pictures use a spoiler

We reserve the right at all times (but will not have an obligation) to remove or refuse to distribute any Content on the Services and to terminate users or reclaim usernames.

Forums signature recommended size 500x250, even though we will allow signature to be wider than 500p please refrain from making them higher than 250p.

These rules are subject to change at anytime.

~ The Empire in Flames Staff
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