For the Skills that aren't quite Fighting or Crafting
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Re: All Classes Should Have Access To Health Attack

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A few thoughts I've been having:

- Leg Shot should perhaps be a little more powerful. It seems to be a fair bit weaker than an equal-level Body Shot (tested on starter weapons), which is absurd for a skill that takes more time to gain. (Pistoleer gets BS1 immediately, Carbineer has to wait until his first skill box.)

- Carbineers should, as you suggested, get a body attack of some kind. I don't think it should replace Leg Shot, though.

- Riflemen should get a mind attack again. (Like Carbineers - you need to focus down a single pool to kill in PvE/PvP, but sometimes you want to suppress mind users such as doctors.)

- Last Ditch shouldn't target a random pool. (Arguably, the same may apply to Low Blow or Panic Shot, but... one step at a time, I guess.)
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