Guide: How to Master Medic / Master Doctor. EiF Style.

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Guide: How to Master Medic / Master Doctor. EiF Style.

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This is to answer a question I get a lot in game, So I thought I share it here =)

So, You wish to master the Medic or Doctor profession? Perhaps both? Feeling a bit lost without dazzling entertainers and tumblers?
Fear not! This maybe will help you!

Medic healing XP

Regardless if your goal is a few boxes in medic, Master Medic or Doctor. This is my suggestion how to get started on any of said paths.

From Novice medic until 223x
(If you wish to go the wound healing path, Simply go for xx3x)

/Tendwound is your friend and way to go.
As this strains your mind with battle fatigue and mind wounds, it is recommended to watch or listen to an entertainer while doing this.
A notice that is worth keeping in mind for this entire grind ahead of you, if the TARGET has above 250 battle fatigue your healing is significantly reduced, and your XP is directly calculated by the applied healing.

If you do this part by tending to the wounds of random players coming and going, or if you send and alt / Friend somewhere to get diseased, it is up to you, The diseased way is the most reliable way as it can at times be very quiet in the cantina by its own flow.
There are multiple ways to get diseased, however the Sarlac pits guaranteed health wound seems to be a favorite.

The server at current date is not at this level, But when it is. Have a Wound treatment / Injury treatment BE enhanced piece of clothing or more. This will help you. Also the food Bivoli will help with Tend wound and wound healing.

From 223x to Master Master medic and then Master Doctor, Stim Path. (Faster)
(This is the way I did it and I think this was very painless)

Once you get xx3 you are able to use most Stim C (Just be sure their medical use is 30)
Always use the best Stims you can, More healing = More XP

Stock up on your stims of choose and find a friend or more alternatively an alt who tend to get hurt a lot and follow them around and heal them.
Let them know you need them to get hurt so they can be a little more reckless in their pulls, Or not use COB macros. The exact balance you need to find and you will get stronger from here, so with each box you gain until Master medic, you will be more efficient.

Notice: A stim heals two values, Health and Action. It does this separately. So for maximum XP be sure you heal the victim... I mean friend when they are lacking both health and action. You twice as much XP for healing someone needing both Action and Health then only healing one pool.

The order of skill boxes to level up:
From 223x take 333x then 443x Finally 444x

Onward to Master Doctor!
When you have Master Medic (Alternatively Medic 444x, thou I most sincerely recommend Master Medic as it speeds it up)
It is more of the same from above, With the MU you now have and Injury treatment and speed, You should be able to really spam Stim E's that does twice the healing that is listed. Make sure your vic... Friend Syncs with your now nice healing phase to maximize your healing gains. The order you pick Doctor skills in is completely up to you, It does not effect this way of leveling.

With this, It is only a matter of time until you have Doctor 444X

From 223x to Master Master medic and then Master Doctor, Wound Path. (Semi-AFK friendly)
Now to begin here with Semi AFK friendly I do not sugest it is like creating a macro to heal a Dazzeling entertainer and go AFK for 4 hours.
However this is perfect for house chores, While at work (If you may have games at work ;) ) Watching cute cats online or maybe leveling your crafter.

This builds on from the idea of having your friends or alts get diseased in various creative ways and then heal them.
Now we will however begin to use /Healwound in tandem with /Tendwound. For this you should use the best possible wound pack you can. at 223x This should be B's Remember, as you level up always use the most efficient wound packs.

It is suggested you create a macro here, Something that in between /healwounds squeezes in the most /Tendwounds it can without delaying the next heal wound.

As I did not do it this way I do not have this macro, But id Imagine it is something like:
/pause 4;
/pause 4;
/pause 4;
/Pause 5;
/macro <NAME>
Do tweak this for optimal performance, As you level up doctor your wound healing times increases so you need to revisit the macro to keep it effective.

The idea here is that you set up to heal a very wounded patient and do something else for a while, to check in in a little later when you need to change target or get your alts diseased again.

I would imagine that if you have the infrastructure to do so, Doing this inside the best possible ranger camp with an entertainer near the sarlac pit would be among the fastest ways. This however is mere speculations =)

Order of Skills:
From xx3x your first priority is xx4x, Better medicine = better XP. If you are a doctor next should probably be doctor xx1x. If you are a medic, Just fill up the remaining boxes at your own liking.
As a Doctor after this get 4x1x as quick as you can, this should improve how often you can use wound packs rather then tending wounds.
After that 441 And finally 444X. It may be worth taking Advanced doctor's medical knowledge earlier if that gives you access to better wound packs.

With all this, It is a matter of time and diseases until you have 444X! Good luck.

Medic Crafting XP

In short... Make Biological effect Controllers from Novice Medic until xxx4. For the doctor grind Make Advanced Biological Effect Controllers.
It sucks, it is boring... I am sorry but I have no better suggestion, Rejoice in that this server asks for less crafting XP then live =)

Personally I used this macro to make it smoother, Was so soft on my mind I just watched movies on my second monitor and I was suddenly there =)

You should now be a Master Medic or Master Doctor. Go out and enjoy yourself =)

Please leave your feedback and/or suggestions, Questions or ideas here.
I hope this was helpful for someone =)

Therese Nahkriine, Kylie Nahkriine, Arexalia Vitae
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