Using Dual Monitors

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Using Dual Monitors

Post by The.Baron »

Has anyone figured out a way to set up SWG to run on dual monitors? It can be a pain flipping back and forth between characters on a single monitor. It'd be great if I could utilize the second monitor. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Using Dual Monitors

Post by Arkham »

They only way I have run dual clients without alt/tabbing is a 2nd laptop running the 2nd client.

Left handed mouse on the 2nd comp.

Its not the answer you were looking for, but the answer I could give.
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Re: Using Dual Monitors

Post by Destroy »

I'm sure responding to a year old+ post isn't very helpful but to do this with nvidia you can run swg windowed/bordeless in its setup and in nvidia control panel set the monitor wanted to primary, then run the launcher/ swg.
You can then tab out and repeat changing another monitor to primary then run launcher/swg.

You would then have both alts on different monitors at same time. Or do all 3 with three monitors.
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