Dr. Ooda's Supplies

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Dr. Ooda's Supplies

Post by Theliqoursnurf » Thu May 18, 2017 2:09 pm

Dr. Ooda is currently living in Eol Sha over on Dantooine, but has a small building set up in Broken Bridge. Dr. Ooda's Supplies is a friendly local business ran by a partnership between herself and Slurms Mackensie. Slurms takes care of the storefront side of things while Ooda runs the back-end. Dr. Ooda has a number of products available and also takes on contracts for bio-engineered pets (although she is still perfecting the technique). Dr. Ooda's Supplies hopes to be your one stop shop for all your pet and tissue needs.

Available Products:

Availability may vary based upon the amount of resources I have/need to round up. Also feel free to find me in game so that we can discuss any contracts. I am working on obtaining factories but at the moment I am crafting by hand, so thank you for your patience!

Pet Stims:
-C (Unavailable until resources are acquired)
-D (Unavailable until resources are acquired)

Clothing Tissue Components:
(most unavailable until more resources acquired. just ask!)

-small bonus to musician/dancer healing skill
Enhanced Myoflex
-large bonus to musician/dancer healing skill
Passive Biosensors
-small bonus to wound/injury treatment
Active Biosensors
-large bonus to wound/injury treatment
Passive Tranquilizers
-small bonus to taming wild/vicious creature
Active Tranquilizers
-large bonus to taming wild/vicious creatures

Constrictor Cloth
-minor bleeding defense
Coagulant Agents
-major bleeding defense
Confidence Cloth
-small warcry/intimidation bonus
Fear Release
-large warcry/intimidation bonus
Scent Camoflauge
-small camoflauge/maskscent bonus
Scent Neutralization
-large camoflauge/maskscent bonus
Visual Camoflauge
-small cover bonus
Mimetic Circuitry
-large cover bonus
Toughened Fibers
-small melee/stun defense bonus
Tensile Resistance
-large melee/stun defense bonus

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Re: Dr. Ooda's Supplies

Post by casirio » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:22 am

Hey mate, I sent slurms a message in game from Reta. Would like to chat more with you, thanks.


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