MEMESCO Armorsmithing

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MEMESCO Armorsmithing

Post by MasterZeuth » Wed May 17, 2017 7:25 pm

Howdy all. I've been working on and running an armor shop since the server launched. I can proudly say things are up and running at a reasonable pace now. My crafting character "Memes Dankly" is Master Armorsmith and Master Artisan

Shop location is at /waypoint 195, -2800

I sell the following:
- Full Sets of Armor
- Single Armor Pieces
- Armor Backpacks & Clothing Backpacks
- Custom Order Armor (Custom Colors of production armor, and Special Order Resist Profiles)
- Extra Resources I find myself overstocked on
- CA's and AA's I find on Combat Characters

Current Pre-Sliced armor resists are reacting around:

Base Un-Layered: 22%
Kinetic: 49%
Energy: 49%
Blast: 48%
The rest are either dumpster materials, or simply haven't spawned yet.

Buylist (Resources I am Buying rn):
Specific Resources:
Fesi Steel
Ekoian Polymer
Witoxi Reactive Gas

Resource Types:
High OQ and High SR primarily, also High UT if it's there. High MA is a bonus stat in some of them but I care about it last.
Steel (Beats 882OQ/970SR)
Skevon Reactive Gas (OQ/SR)
Known Inert Gas (OQ/SR)
Amorphous Gemstone (That Beats 948OQ/800SR/754UT)
Crystalline Gemstone (OQ/SR)
Polymer (OQ/SR)
Carbonate Ore (OQ/SR)
Instrusive Ore (OQ/SR/UT)
Siliclastic Ore (OQ/SR) and Siliclastic Ore (Any stats)
Known Solid Petrochem Fuel (OQ/UT)
Nabooian Fiberplast (OQ/UT)
Phrik Aluminum (Any stats, low-priority)
Cortosis Siliclastic Ore (Any stats, low-priority)
Vertex Crystalline Gemstone (OQ/SR)
Crism Siliclastic Ore (OQ/SR)

R.I.S. Components (Max OQ/SR/UT available)
Titanium Aluminum
Chanlon Intrusive Ore
Rori Fiberplast

Craftable Armor Sets:
Composite (Waiting on Resources to Spawn)
R.I.S. (Waiting on Very Very Specific Resources to Spawn)
Tantel (I don't stock Avian Bone atm for this one, this will change soon)

The Following Are Custom Order Only:
Kashyyykian Ceremonial
Kashyyykian Hunting
Kashyyykian Black Mountain

Ithorian Defender
Ithorian Sentinel (Waiting on Resources to Spawn)
Ithorian Guardian


How Does Armor Crafting Work?
See this informative picture (WIP)

Can you use [Insert Plating Or Segment Here]?
No. Not really. R.I.S. Might have some slots for that later on, but I have to do a bit of experimentation with it when I can craft full sets to see if it is worth it at all.

Why is everything expensive right now? Basilisk has 20k Minisuits!
Three reasons. Hopefully this clears a bit up.
Firstly all resources are expensive on the early server. Because we don't have dozens of people with harvesters running all the time yet, there's not quite enough loose materials floating into the market at good prices. I've spent almost two weeks running all characters surveying when idle, and I still find myself buying a good bit and trading off what I can for resources that I need more of. As we get better and better spawns, I've had to change up my production line each time to keep putting out the maximum quality armor possible.
Secondly, I haven't gotten the full automation line down quite yet. I've been keeping up barely with the pace that people need new armor sets, and I've been hand-crafting a lot more than I'd like. To make the products on the shelves, there's a lead time that hits days. You have to run factories for layers... which only when all are finished go into segments... which when those are done can go into armor cores. I've been doing batches from start to finish, running all my factories for layers, then segments, then cores, and finally armor pieces if I can squeeze them in. Boy do I love cores day, I actually get to craft things other than little white squares! Eventually I'll transition to a Production-line setup, where I have a few factories crafting layers literally nonstop, one or two crafting segments, and one juicy juicy armor core factory producing liquid happiness.
Thirdly, because I use the money to reinvest into building everything up so I can get everything scaling better. Gotta buy more factories, gotta buy more Mineral Mining Installations, gotta buy power generators to keep those going, gotta buy skill tapes to improve the craft overall.
Every time I make another leap and step towards the production plan and goal, I knock the price down on the sets I make a bit. Eventually you'll see cheap armor that makes me blush, but not for a little bit.

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Re: MEMESCO Armorsmithing

Post by dalolorn » Thu May 18, 2017 2:35 am

Fourthly, this isn't Basilisk with its 2-5k rewards; 8-10k seems more typical for a novice with a starter weapon. :P
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