Meg's Soda Shoppe

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Meg's Soda Shoppe

Post by Sandarie » Thu May 11, 2017 7:33 am

Out for a stroll, or attacking droids on Lok? Stop by the Soda Shoppe for a drink and a sandwich! The Soda Jerk and Lunch Lady are waiting to take care of the appetite you've worked up! Take a little something home with you too!

If you have special orders, please talk to her and she'll see what can be whipped up.

Catering Available with Stat Affected: ... 1601166586

Almond Kwevvu Crisp Munchies
Bivoli Tempari +24, 3 uses
Citros Snowcake:
Exo-Protein Wafers:
Pikatta Pie: +54 %Dodge
Pyollian Cake: +16
Synthsteak: +46 DR, 34 Attacks
Veghash: +32 Creature Harvesting


Accaragm - +430
Bespin Port - +23
Vasarian Brandy: +402
Vayerbok - +21

Pet Food - (BE or non-BE enhanced)
Blap Biscuits - Health
Pastebread - Action
Fenbar - Mind
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