Resource Bounty Hunter for hire.

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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Resource Bounty Hunter for hire.

Post by JamisonG » Mon May 08, 2017 9:19 am

Need a particular type of resource for your crafting project but don't want to take the time to harvest it? Look no further than James's Resource Bounty Hunting. From creature materials to radioactive power we have you covered.
Please send Jim an in-game mail with material name and amount you are looking for and we will negotiate a fair price. You can also contact us via Discord @JamisonG. You can also visit our storefront located at 300 -3000 Broken Bridge Corellia and see what we have in stock! Happy hunting.

Jimmy Chew (Ranger)
Jim Watanabe (Merchant)
James Mattis (Bounty Hunter)
James / Jimmy / Jim - Discord @JamisonG
Vendor @ James' Lewts
/way 300 -3000 Broken Bridge, Corellia.
<MASC> Mercanaries, Artists , and Skilled Crafters

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