[New Republic Holonet] Empire Day Forecast: Scattered Clouds, Chance of Ewok Showers

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[New Republic Holonet] Empire Day Forecast: Scattered Clouds, Chance of Ewok Showers

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Many sentients have heard of aerial propaganda leaflets, but propaganda Ewoks? Eyewitness reports coming out of Curamelle, Corulag are claiming that thousands of plush Ewok dolls rained down from the sky while the city prepared for its annual Empire Day celebrations. Reports say that at least four New Republic X-wings made a low pass over the city and air-dropped the dolls from specially-designed canisters mounted beneath their wings. One witness claims each doll had its own miniature parachute, and many had a note attached that read, Defeated a legion of the best Imperial troops.

"We heard the air-raid sirens and saw the TIEs scramble," one resident is reported to have said. "A little while later these Rebel fighters flew overhead and started dropping stuff. I thought they were bombing us or something, but then all these little parachutes popped out and we saw that they were stuffed animals. Then the Rebels disappeared as fast as they came. I don't know where they came from, or where they went."

Another resident was quoted as saying, "I think [the dolls] are kind of cute. I'll probably give one to my daughter."

The New Republic's Bormea Sector Command denies authorizing what they call a "reckless and foolhardy operation" over the still largely Imperial-aligned city. Reactions within the New Republic are mixed. Some are condemning the apparent practical joke as being "irresponsible", while others are praising it as "a good laugh at the expense of a dumb holiday."

Municipal cleanup crews are reportedly working to remove the dolls, an undertaking which sources say is expected to cost at least 100,000 credits and take up to four standard weeks.
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