New Republic News Report: "Attack on hidden Imperial Shipyard"

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New Republic News Report: "Attack on hidden Imperial Shipyard"

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"A report has filtered through our sources in the New Republic Military, that an Imperial Shipyard on Naboo had been reported to Republic Intelligence and secured by Republic Military Forces.

Sources on the ground have reported that the shipyard had already been attacked before Republic Military had arrived, although the Republic has refused to comment. According to those closest to the situation it appears as if the Shipyard had been infiltrated by a small group of special operations forces or assassins. The Command post has been described as 'a massacre.'

Dozens of Imperial officers and troopers slain. Troopers and officers with their throats clearly slit from behind; others dispatched with what are believed to be suppressed weapons. It appears Imperial Forces were not aware they were under attack. Imperial weapons were found not to have been discharged.

The Admiral of the base, was found to have been stripped, mutilated, and pinned to the wall of his office. He is believed to have been alive for a small amount of time before he finally succumbed to his injuries. Experts contend that the killing is symbolic; meant to strike fear into the hearts of others. That no one is safe, not even an admiral at the center of a heavily guarded base. Adding to this theory, the Mandalorian symbols for "Justice" and "Vengeance" were found scrawled on the wall of the office with the victim's blood.

The Admiral, while the name has not yet been released, has been reported to have been involved in conflicts in the Mandalorian and Hutta regions of space. Including the subjugation of Ryloth.

All surveillance had been expertly erased, defenses and alarms disabled, and a signal sent to Republic Intelligence before the terminal was destroyed.

Several ships have not been located that were listed on Imperial manifests. Their whereabouts and intention unknown.

We will report more details as the story develops."

--- J'orir sits in his old base, and reads the report before quietly uttering with a tinge anger in his voice---

"The Mandalorians do not forget, and the Mandalorians do not forgive."

"The sins of the past will be brought to answer for."