Bounty Hunter's Guild Mark: Bywing Lancer

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Bounty Hunter's Guild Mark: Bywing Lancer

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CONDITIONS: Alive - Killing him shall forfeit any payment
PAYMENT: 150,000 Credits

MARK: Bywing Lancer

SEX: Male
AGE: Thirties

RESIDENCE: <<Not Available>>
EMPLOYMENT: <<Not Available>>

IMAGES: Refer to your Bounty Puck for the latest Holographic images.

HAIR: Dirty Blonde
SKIN: Fair
WEIGHT: 150 pounds

KNOWN MARKINGS: Faded scars and a cybernetic left foot.
WEAPONS: Mark is expected to be heavily armed.

KNOWN ASSOCIATIONS: Widely believed to be affiliated to the New Republic.

FREQUENT ESTABLISHMENTS: Last seen in the Tatoo system of the Arkanis sector, Outer Rim Territories.

ADDITIONAL: The mark is known to be a trained force sensitive, though the exact level of training is not known. Extreme caution must be exercised when approaching the target. Mark must be captured alive and be in a condition to speak, but other than that the client is not overly concerned about the target's overall well-being. After capture, inform your local guild representative for delivery instructions. Bounty to be paid in either Republic or Imperial credits, however other methods of payment may be considered on mutual agreement with the client.


Combat Method: Dice and/or the system of Bywing (please negotiate with player)

Capture Condition: Characters must beat Bywing in D20 combat. Terms must be communicated oocly between both parties.

Player Timezone: EST yet varies
Contacts Ingame:
Kaidin or HK-416

Major HK-416 - Imperial Storm Commando Commander
Sergeant TK-455 - Imperial Storm Commando
Kaidin Lissiri - Imperial Intelligence, Outer Rim Station Chief
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