[HOLONET] - Galaxy News Update (( Ghaal ))

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[HOLONET] - Galaxy News Update (( Ghaal ))

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Hello, this is Aimi Risian, with news from around the galaxy. Tonight the news is solemn.

The trial of Mr. Ghaal Mooal has been impending for several months. The Senate has been investigating the case, and preparing it to be presented to the judicial system.

Unfortunately, today, Mooal passed away while in custody. He developed a medical condition that caused him to need immediate care, and a medical team was called to assess the situation. Unfortunately, due to complications of the surgery, Mooal passed away on the table.

Mooal had been quarantined prior to the surgery, to prevent potential spread of his condition to the other inmates. The medical team has assured us that there should be no further spread of his condition.

The case has been annotated, and sealed.

This is Aimi Risian, thank you.
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