[Imperial Holonet] 13th Fleet is deployed

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[Imperial Holonet] 13th Fleet is deployed

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On the Imperial Holonet frequency, a special news report would be broadcasted and begins with a human female reporter, wearing an official Imperial gray dress uniform and raises her portable microphone to speak before the rolling cameras.

'' Today on Imperial News Network we bring special and astonishing report of peculiar turn of events! It has just come to our attention that well-known criminal and terrorist Darrando Rivet of the New Republic has now officially cut ties to the New Republic Government and stated his intentions of fleeing to Dantooine, now rightfully under Imperial Jurisdiction. With this revelation, the Imperial High Command has put forth a motion to finally hunt down the enemy of our Empire. ''

The view would cut to sky of Talus where several Imperial Star Destroyers would be engaging their engines, slowly rumbling through the air as they'd raise higher towards upper atmosphere.

'' According to released statement by the High Command, the 13th Fleet is now being deployed, rumored to be personally led and charged by High Admiral Valerion Arterius himself on board his personal flagship, The Narada. ''

The view would then return to the studio with the female reporter.

'' We will follow this story and what is to come closely with great interest, people of Dantooine stay vigilant and on guard for this armed and dangerous terrorist, our journey towards galactic peace and order reveals new colors and nature of our enemies. I am Constanze Wolff and this is Imperial Holonet News Network, we will now turn back to scheduled programming. ''
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