[News] Justice in the New Republic

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[News] Justice in the New Republic

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By Skye Masten

Ed. Note: Ms. Masten and her interview subject have a friendship preceding this article, and she was approached to write it based on their relationship. Additionally, some parts of this article were written some months ago and previously unpublished.

The New Republic, a fledgling government filled with idealists, dedicated to the ideals of Justice and Freedom. Hanna City, Chandrila is regarded by some as being the new home of Peace in the galaxy. But there are cracks in the facade.

Several years ago, I was making a series of investigative pieces on the control the Hutt Cartels were exerting over local governments in the mid-Rim, and found myself trapped while Cartel soldiers searched for me. I was rescued by a Alderaan born smuggler by the name of Darrando Rivet. Since that time, I have grown to consider him a close friend, and consider him to be one of the most honest, if blunt, and kind-hearted people I have met. The story he told me is concerning, not only as a reporter of fact but as a person living in this galaxy.

Our story starts on Dantooine, in a small outpost on the southern hemisphere. At the time of my arrival, the building across from the starport, which I was informed formerly served as a tavern, bore damage more similar to a battle than a sleepy outpost. Blaster marks scored the area around the door, and closer inspection revealed holes in the sides and back, with black scorch marks around them. Several New Republic soldiers patrolled nearby, some with looks of anger or sadness. Beings I would learn to be investigators, trained by some of the most respect police agencies in the Galaxy, busied themselves with small bits of the ground, or the walls of the tavern and nearby buildings.

I was transported to the town of Agathon, a metropolis by the standards of the planet of Dantooine. Former Comissioner Rivet joined me in Keeper's, the local watering hole.

"Eleven dead, a few more wounded. At least one will never walk again," spoke the weary eyed human, over a glass of water.

"And why I am here?"

"Because, the Republic wants to let him go."

He must have seen the surprise on my face. "Within a day of Ghaal Mooal's arrest, I received a call from a New Republic Intelligence officer, and orders signed by a General, to release Ghaal, as he was considered a New Republic Intelligence asset."

"Ghaal Mooal being...?"

"An Ithorian bounty hunter, widely regarded as a sociopath and known to be credit hungry. I had warned several ranking members of the Republic that he was not to be trusted, and given the number of bodies, I seem to be proven right. He was caught, on the scene, weapons in hand."

A pause in the conversation, as he took a drink of water.

"He appears to be certified by both the Republic and Empire, known to work for anyone with a few credits."

"And you say that you received orders to release him?"

""Yes, and I have a copy." The man slid a datapad across the table towards me. The name at the bottom stuck out.

"General Anishor."

"The one and only, thank the gods."

"And the New Republic Intelligence officer?"

"An incompetent old drunk of a smuggler by the name of Or'Dino Dissimulo."

A quick holonet search showed few results for the second name, mostly advertisements featuring scantily clad women. The first name, General Anishor, is known among certain circles to be a respected warrior.

"Why do they want this bounty hunter released?"

"I can't quite figure it out, myself. Maybe they're just stupid."

The familiar bluntness, without any of the warmth behind it. Rarely have I seen Mister Rivet angry, and rarely does it sustain itself for any length of time.

"And your investigation...?"

"Ongoing. We haven't had the chance to charge him yet, what with all the bone fragments and shrapnel to pick out of the walls."

"Where is mister Mooal now?"

"Currently, submerged in the seas of Mon Cal, under the guard of Captain Quasar Nehemo of the New Republic Navy. But his career has been threatened by mister Dissimulo, so I can't leave him there long, and I don't trust the Republic to keep him."

"What's your plan?"

"Charge him, try him, and let the Republic do what they want after we get through the process. But that's apparently too slow for them, and we're just a bunch of hick farmers who can't be trusted."

Our conversation continued for several hours, with Mister Rivet taking numerous comm calls and conversations with his officers. Eventually we returned to the starport outpost, where Darrando gave me a brief tour. After a short time, I left him to his work, and the hope of justice for his new people.


Just an hour ago, I received a comm call from my friend Darrando Rivet, currently Commissioner of Public Safety on Dantooine. Following his speech to the Senate, and the apparent release of Mister Mooal from custody, the Ithorian bounty hunter was found on Chandrila. Although it did not come to violence, it appears that once again, the New Republic has backed mister Mooal, and that Mister Rivet is "out in the cold," as it were.

Follwoing my conversation with him, I spoke with the Hanna City portmaster, who confirms that Mister Mooal attempted to intimidate him into releasing information on Mister Rivet's vessel and travel plans. The bounty hunter also produced an arrest warrant, authored by the Republic, but quickly erased. At the same time of it's erasure, a warrant for Mister Mooal, filed by Mister Rivet, also disappeared.

Our story will continue.


"They let him go, and he shoots her. What do they expect, keeping a sociopath off the leash? Bunch of goddamn clowns that don't know what they are doing."

"Slow down, Rando. What's happened?"

"Ghaal just shot Eti..."

A dull thud.

"...I gotta go."

A few minutes later, he called back. "He shot her and left a goddamn bomb on her."

"Where is this?"

"Agathon, downtown. She's in the medcenter now."


It would appear the New Republic has finally pushed Mister Rivet far enough. Not only has he resigned his position, he has entirely renounced his citizenship in the New Republic.

"Wasn't doing me any good. Maybe they'll find someone who'll tow their line."

"And what, exactly, preceded this?"

"The New Republic finally got their asset under control, and now they want to try him in the Senate. Cuz they apparently have the authority to do that, somehow."

"...How, exactly..."

"Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently they regard having custody of Ghaal as enough grounds, never mind that his crimes were against civilians."

"And what does this mean for you?"

"According to Senator Iko of Tatooine, I didn't have any standing before the Senate as a mere citizen, and was threatened with arrest, along with Senator Naokea."

"And the New Republic...?"

"The New Republic can go to hell, and I'll go to Dantooine."
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