[CLASSIFIED] Intelligence Report: Dark Trooper Resurgence

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[CLASSIFIED] Intelligence Report: Dark Trooper Resurgence

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Informational leaks notwithstanding, this report will initially be available to senior Republic personnel and the Senate. A copy has also found its way to Companion Aurek, who has distributed relevant information to Fennla, Nalth and the others.

For the purposes of this report, I've made the following assumptions about EiF canon:
  • Someone (either a variant of Kyle Katarn that never stole Death Star plans from Danuta, or someone else entirely) stopped the Dark Trooper project in a way that vaguely parallels Legends canon.
  • Although TIE Fighter can no longer be taken as canon (due to the alternative history of the TIE Defender presented in Rebels), the development and subsequent discontinuation of the TIE Avenger and the Missile Boat still happened in some form. (Okay, so the Avenger's coming back when we get JTL... that doesn't necessarily mean they are being actively produced by the Empire, just that there's enough of them still in operation.)
Lieutenant* Itheoto Thayer,
New Republic Intelligence

Current assignment:

Intelligence Officer,
A/FRG2** Gallant Warden,
Chandrila Defense Fleet

In the aftermath of the Gallant Warden's recent rescue of Senator Feruk, I thought it necessary to conduct further research into the heavy-duty combat suit deployed by Imperial forces aboard the Farrseer. I initially identified the suit as a Phase III variant of the Dark Trooper, a highly advanced exosuit/battle droid first demonstrated shortly after the Battle of Yavin. I have attached a summary of the Dark Trooper Project*** and its termination to this document for your reference. Suffice to say that the Phase III is virtually impervious to small arms fire, and has enough armaments to significantly threaten vehicles as powerful as the Yutrane-Trackata T3-B and T4-B models, the Kelliak Freerunner, or the AT-XTs currently used to spearhead Republic attacks throughout the galaxy. (For comparison, the Phase II still occasionally seen in Imperial service presents a non-trivial threat to infantry forces, but is still easily dispatched by well-trained troops and/or heavy ordnance.)

Later review of the data from the Farrseer boarding party confirmed my identification, leading to only two possible conclusions: One is that the force we encountered had come into the possession of an unimaginably rare remnant of the Dark Trooper Project, and deemed Senator Feruk to be vital and well-guarded enough to warrant its deployment - given their refusal to abandon or destroy the Farrseer before our arrival, this theory is suspect at best. Or, more frighteningly, a faction within the Empire has covertly restarted production of one or more variants of the Dark Trooper, something that I imagine could only be made worse if they also resumed production of such craft as the TIE/ad 'Avenger'; the TIE/d 'Defender'; or the XM-1 'Nova Wing' missile boat. (If any doubt exists as to their effectiveness, one must merely review the service records of these models - including the ongoing use of the former two after production was halted - to see why introducing more of them to Imperial forces would be a problem.)

Since the former theory would be difficult to confirm with current information, I have elected to investigate the possibility of a new Dark Trooper manufacturing plant. The evidence I have found is... both good and bad.

Approximately five months ago, during what was initially believed to be a surge in pirate activity throughout the Outer Rim, a sizable shipment of phrikite ore mysteriously vanished in transit from the Imperial mining complex in the Gromas system. At the time, Intelligence arrived at the conclusion that the shipment was taken by the Imperial splinter faction known as the "Loyalists"; you may remember them as the faction that previously attempted to spread rumors that Darth Vader had survived the Battle of Endor. (I would recommend further investigation into Port Jato; the mercenaries operating there have had a disproportionate amount of encounters with the Loyalists and their proxies...)

Operating under the assumption that we are not dealing with a new, isolated opponent, we may therefore update our information on Loyalist assets to include the following:
  • One Imperial-I Star Destroyer, designated ISD Manipulator
  • One Immobilizer-418 Interdictor, designated INT Immovable - temporarily out of commission due to damage inflicted by a last-ditch assault by X-Wings designated Green 3, 5 and 6; I have submitted a recommendation to give their pilots posthumous commendations of the highest possible order for selfless actions above and beyond the call of duty
  • One CR90 corvette, designated CRV Farrseer
  • At least one Phase III Dark Trooper, modifications unknown (if any)
  • Large supply of phrik, likely earmarked for use in:
    • One or more Dark Trooper manufacturing facilities, location(s) unknown
It is my belief that we should attempt to locate and destroy the Dark Trooper facilities and seize any remaining supplies of phrik before full-scale production can begin. If it is already too late for this, we must see to it that the Dark Troopers are destroyed as quickly as possible to minimize their effect on the war. I am currently in the process of attempting to track the Farrseer's movements since the battle, in the hopes of discovering one or more Loyalist bases.

I will keep you apprised of my progress,

Lt. Thayer
OOC Notes wrote:* - Eti and Destroy may notice that he was previously introduced as 'Senior Specialist Thayer' in the Farrseer mission. Further investigation has driven me to retcon him into 'Lieutenant Thayer' instead.

** - If the Assault Frigate Mark I was A/FRG in X-Wing's abbreviation system, I inferred that Assault Frigate Mark II would be A/FRG2.

*** - Although Wookieepedia is... less than consistent in tracking the Phase III model, I know that there were originally a few units that survived the destruction of the Arc Hammer, seen in the last missions of the Zann Consortium campaign.
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