Kaliper Akanth

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Kaliper Akanth

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Full Name: Kaliper Akanth

Species: Zabrak

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye Color: Orange

Distinguishing Characteristics: cranial horns, facial tattoos, mohawk hairstyle, crooked nose

Physical Abilities:
Lean and tough, an undisciplined but ferocious and underhanded brawler
Other Abilities: Salvager and starship/swoop mechanic, harsh climate survivalist

Weaknesses: Literacy, knowing when to back down from a fight 

Gear: Overcharged fusion cutter/welder, heavy spanner for fixing things and cracking skulls, welding goggles, rebreather mask, binocs, flask, pazaak deck, package of (expired) squirky, and a potato.

Accolades and Honors: 

Disciplinary Actions and Arrests: Wanted for piracy in multiple star systems, asteroid mining without guild accreditation, destruction of Imperial property, public intoxication and indecency

Affiliations: Kusak Clan, Black Nova Pirates, Glaston Pirates, Dread Pirates

Hobbies: collecting weird bugs, swoop racing, playing the xantha 

Likes: Heavy Isotope music, Rodian cuisine, gabaki

Dislikes: Red tape and regulations, political discussion, baths 

Birthplace: Lok

Relationship Status: Single

Relatives: About a dozen adoptive Rodian siblings


Born into a pirate clan in the lawless wastelands of the planet Lok, Kal was raised in a communal "clutch" of the clan's younglings, many of whom were Rodians. As they grew up, they ventured further out into the wilds, shepherded by one or two of the clan's adolescents, learning to scavenge and forage supplies for the clan. The unforgiving landscape claimed the weak, and merciless predators the slow. Those of the clutch who survived to adolescence themselves were able to handle anything the barren world could throw at them.

The dream of every young pirate on Lok is to gain a ship of their own, either by outright theft, or by gathering enough salvage to assemble their own. So in his teens, Kal joined the clan's scrapper crew, carving up wreckage scattered across the surface by countless wars and skirmishes throughout the planet's brutal history. Piece by piece, Kal built his own ugly fighter, until he was finally ready to leave his clan and join a proper pirate fleet.

He eventually fell into the orbit of the Black Nova Pirates, led by Detrais Sabolith, a charismatic, if eccentric, Rodian treasure hunter. Securing territory in Lok's Southern hemisphere, they gained some small notoriety in the Karthakk sector, clashing with both Imperial forces and various underworld factions.

While flying with the Black Novas, Kal also took on numerous side jobs, from asteroid mining to bounty hunting.

Character Notes:

Often underestimated by those with more education or social grace (ie any at all). But there is method to his apparent madness, an intuition and adaptability honed on an unforgiving homeworld where resources are sparse and the margins for error are slim.

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