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Hale Backtos profile

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Full Name: Hale Backtos

Race: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Hair: None
Skin: Darker Caucasian
Eyes: Violet with red flecks
Markings: Intricate blue/purple tribal face tattoos that look solid from a distance but actually look like tightly constructed lace up close
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 240lbs
Build: Best described as burly. Muscular but with an uncut midsection that hides the muscle tone under the skin.

Marital Status: Married by Talusian and Naboo records
Place of Residence: Unregistered
Place of Birth: Unknown to him

Relatives and Clanmates - Clan Backtos
-Trosyn the Darkhorn- Mandalorian father - Zabrak(deceased)
-Ren'saar'ella  - wife to Trosyn - Chiss (deseased)
-Hera Backtos - Twi'lek - wife
-Alled Backtos - son by gai bal manda - Zabrak (originally from Dathomir)
-Warabec - son by gai bal manda - Wookiee - rescued from imperial slavery before the battle of Endor
-Gillian Edaki - friend and clanmate
-Solstice Edaki - wife to Gillian -Fallanassi
-Soto Epi - Pirate - Arms Dealer

-Mercenary field medic currently working with the New Republic Military

Military Information:
-Formor Rebellion General
-Dishonorably discharged after the battle of Endor

-New Republic Military: desertion of duty
-Corellian system: theft, assault, kidnapping, smuggling, piracy
-Tattoine system: piracy, murder, possession of stolen weapons and armor
-Kuat: theft of starship plans
-Talus, Deric: wanted for questioning by local police for a brutal murder of a Bothan diplomat

Clothing Choice:
-Usually seen in a genuine beskar clonewars era Mandalorian helmet and old battle scared Rebellion era armor that minimally restricts movement, typically black/dark colored.
-If wearing clothing it is utilitarian in nature and has some armor pannels hidden within.

Weapons of Choice:
-Large vibro-swords
-Variety of blasters typically settling on a very custom EE-3 carbine made for close quarters shipboard combat.

Starship of Choice:
-Modified AEG-77 Vigo class gunship Natural Selection
-Heavily modified BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber

Special Abilities/Skills:
-Above average medical skills
-Hand-to-hand close quarters combat training.
-Infiltration skills such as slicing, languages and crowd blending
-Remarkable piloting skills

-Respectful to people of authority, following orders to a fault. Anyone serving under him feels cared for and safe.
-Warm and very open with others, though his life before his 30s is largely unknown to him. Gets flashes and hints depending on environment.
-Very protective of the people he loves.

-Family and clan.
-Strongly apposed to slavery


-TerasKasi trained
-Fallanasi ties

Commonly available New Republic military records would tell you Hale Backtos has been dishonorably discharged from the now named New Republic military. He was serving as a General some months after the battle of Hoth in a small but powerful Rebel cell based in the Corillian sector.
During that time he lead Y-wing flight group responsible for striking top priority targets along the Hydian Way. He was also know for flying a heavily modified Vigo-class gunboat he obtained from a Mandalorian bounty Hunter who failed to collect his bounty put on Hale.

Higher ranking officers in the New Republic military would had record that the bounty hunter that attacked him and his wife on Talus was later identified as Hale's father.

Remembering nothing of his past for an unknown reason Hale abandoned the military to investigate this new lead hidden from him by Rebellion intelligence. His wife Hera, left with him and they gave the responsibility of looking after thier adopted Wookiee son, Warabec with thier friends living in the Corillian sector. It is no secret that Warabec hates Hale for leaving him and is in a rather dark place now spending his time in the woods of remote planets living off the land.

Nothing is know about his past only the highest ranking officers in the black opps arena of the Imperial military could possibly know, though those records are deleted often before the New Republic forces would liberate planets.

Having spent significant time around other races that have a strong sense of smell his armor is sealed so he can't be identified.

There is only a few people currently active in the galaxy that would identity him that are around today.

((Roleplay tips: Until your character trusts him you should treat him like a merc. Force sensatives sense that he is trained enough to subvert and mask probes and at times it almost seems like he is a void in the Force, as if it flows around him like a large rock in a stream. You sense the scars of a dark past and you feel he lives in regret even though he is incapable of remembering it if you roll high enough to feel him out.))

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