Ozic Alfon

What others would be able to know about your character. Add an OOC section for things which could be discovered through RP!
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Ozic Alfon

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(This biography is all OOC knowledge and is not considered public or IC knowledge. For public access IC knowledge, examine in game for his bio)


General Infomation

Name|Ozic Alfon
Voice|A peculiar accent from a small pocket in the Eriadu system (best described as Germanic with an Imperial twang)

Marital Status|Single
Profession|ISB Sector Director
Previous Employment|Old Republic SBI Agent, Imperial ISB Surveillance & Investigations Agent
Guild and Organisations Memberships|Galactic Empire [NPC]
Former Guild and Organisations Memberships|Old Republc [NPC]

Personality traits|Authoritarian, Xenophobic, Reserved, Tactful, Cruel, Sly, Patriotic

Likes|The Empire, efficiency, upper-class comforts

Dislikes|The New Republic, Aliens, Disruption of order

Fears|"Alien contamination"

A true Imperial loyalist. His persona is the accumilation of what the Empire seeks in its patriots. Always seeking to put duty ahead of all things. His persona feeds into his skill of his ISB duties, being adept at Intelligence, propaganda and persuasion.

From a combined result of being raised on the very Humanocentric planet of Eriadu as well as the Empire's long standing bias against aliens, he is highly xenophobic, but to the unhealthy degree of even having a fear of germ contamination by aliens simply from being too close to them. Wherever he goes he carries a pack of anti-bacteria wipes of which he uses in public places where there is a "chance" an alien may have sat or touched.

His passion against aliens extends into his line of work, where he disaproves of alien Imperial staff.

Though a veteran of the Clone Wars and a patriot of the Old Republic, his view of the New Republic is of deep hatred. Disgusted at the thought that a "terrorist organisation" would dare raise themselves up as a government in defiance of the Empire of which the original Republic had set in motion. This being an addtional driving force of wanting to take down the New Republic in service of the Old Republic and Empire of which he is so devout to.




Total HP|100 (based on 100HP pools)

Skills & Feats|

-Blunt Weapons

(EM's Non-FS system)


SE-14r Blaster pistol
Stun Baton
Imperial ISB Uniform
Anti-bacterial wipes



Name|The Justifier
Class|Vigil-class corvette
Complement|3 Lambda-class shuttles, 10 multiperson landspeeders

Provided by the Empire to his division. The ship acts as a ISB operations vessel and form of heavier armed transportation where a lighter class starship would serve as inadequate, such as the investigation or engagement of a rogue Imperial naval unit.


Name|The Judge
Class|VT-49 Decimator
Complement|1 multiperson landspeeder, 3 speederbikes

Provided by the Empire to his division. The ship acts as a small ISB operations vessel and form of transportation. Typically flown to most scenarios where it could be potentially expected that more agressive ISB action is required than what would be capable of a transport shuttle.

Biography & History

Born on Eriadu to patriotic Republic parents, he was enlisted into the Republic Military Academy at a young age. After basic training he chose to follow the advice of his senior officers and specialised into Intelligence training where he was taught infiltration and spying skills. Through his years of service he served as an internal agent in the Grand Army of the Republic by means of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence throught out the Clone Wars and served faithfully up until the formation of the Galatic Empire, of which he remained a strong patriot. Though the Empires ways began to take drastic turns from the ways of the Old Republic before it, his almost fanatical loyalty to the government, as well as to Palpatine himself, ensured his duty was carried out, and became one of the many strong advocates of the Empire's new princibles and ways of operating over that of the Old Republic.

With the formation of the Empire and the New Order, his duties then came specifically under the branch of the Imperial Security Bureau. Through these years he recieved addtional Intelligence training, being versed in propaganda training under COMPNOR which included being suject to the Imperial "re-education" programs and schools.

Soon after completion of his ISB training he was sent out into the field as Surveillance & Investigations agent to work along side the 427th Stormtrooper Deatchment: Omega, based upon Talus throughout the years of the Galatic Civil War, assisting two superior agent officers; Usheen Jalo and Kalem Patrela, in the internal investigations of the garrison as well as intelligence work offworld in search of Rebel cells and suspected Rebel individuals within Imperial territories and civilisations.

During the final years of the Galatic Civil War with the Rebel Alliance and the Emperor's death resulting in a sudden schism throughout the Empire, Ozic was quickly promoted from his lowly role as an ISB agent an ISB Sector Director as a reward for his retained loyalty to compensate. Being made a Sector Officer, Ozic was now overseeing various ISB branches and operations, reporting directly to the Commission.

Ever since the death of the Emperor and formation of the New Republic, he has remained a stout supporter of the Empire and continues to work in the ISB, seeking to help promote the Empire and sully the reputation of the New Republic with propaganda tactics alongside directing the work of the agents under his personal command.
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