Imperial Records Search... Iowam Goru

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Imperial Records Search... Iowam Goru

Post by IowamGoru » Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:06 am

Incoming transmission.....
Incoming transmission.....
Incoming transmission.....
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Loading attached holo-transmission_of_[CLASSIFIED]_Moff [CLASSIFIED]/Human/Male

((A shaky blue hologram appears, it is of a weak chinned older man, his squared-off uniform and patch on his chest shows he is an Imperial officer of rather high rank, his raspy but solid British accent bursts out from under a thick rectangular mustache and the hologram shakes more from the vocal vibration.))

"Begin transmission...Individual Person's report. I Moff *Static* governor of *static* and highest rank for the regional Imperial post, I am making notes on individual...Iowam Goru... typical phenotype Chiss male, known space explorer and hyper-lane cartographer. Sent by the Chiss Ascendancy to help us navigate Wild Space, he apparently came straight from Csilla, we traveled from the Core Worlds to as far as the Jedha on the edge of where the Mid Rim meets the Expansion Region. Taking hyperspace routes that were unrecorded in Imperial data-records, and known by the Chiss navigator by memory.

The trip was quiet, and from Jedha System we rendezvous with several Imperial-Class Star Destroyers. Iowam Goru then was to take a shuttle craft with me and my officers to the flag ship and thusly lead us through several Chiss Ascendancy only known hyper-lanes.

Me and two officers (both who are now deceased) met the Chiss in the main shuttle bay at the Imperial embassy in the Holy City, as we made preparations to leave the Chiss began to get involved with some kind of argument with a robed humanoid, perhaps a local monk of some kind.
Though the city is under Imperial control, general occupation is not everywhere, and rebels of various kinds continue to roam everywhere. Jedha is known for Kyber crystals, the credits involved are enormous . So when said subject, Iowam Goru and some odd local monk got into an altercation, I assumed it was a non-Imperial matter, an allowed Empire and Chiss Ascendancy treaty law tell me jurisdiction rule was with the Chiss Ascendancy representative, and any altercation and/or incident with non-Imperial citizens would have zero need for Imperial involvement unless explicitly in danger and/or requested involvement.

Little did I know, as I waited for the argument to subside, something bigger was at play. Looking back at it now it could have been all a con from the start, but Iowam's credentials came from high up from the Chiss Ascendancy... And...No, no, it seems it was all more a momentary opportunity seized by Iowam Goru, a chance he saw and could not help take. Clearly it is because of his foul Chiss instincts, he leaped at the chance to betray us, firstly he disintegrated my two officers, each with their own single powerful charged-shot from two blaster pistols, respectively.
I could clearly see the blue man through a large cauterized hole where my First Officers mid abdomen and entrails were.

He then nearly killed me with a fury of un-aimed shots as he ran to the Lambda shuttle. By the time I responded with shots of my own and a call for reinforcements, he was already mid-flight. (Note, perhaps we should rethink sharing of information with the Chiss Ascendancy? Though Iowam Goru seems to be a rogue agent, Chiss knowledge of Imperial technology can have no benefit for the Empire's future.)

This was the last seen location of the individual, Imperial Embassy, Jedha system, and last seen traveling in a Lambda-class T-4 shuttle ID number QR-009, the most important note is said shuttles cargo. It is loaded near capacity with Kyber crystals. Thusly a reward will be given for the recovery of the shuttle's cargo at the amount of 300,000 credits. A bounty will be placed on Iowam Goru (noted, out of my own pocket-book) and will be at the amount of 75,000 credits. That is 75k dead, alive there is only a reward for 1,000 credits.... End transmission"

((The hologram fades and returns a less static but completely still image of a determined looking Chiss male. From the Moff's description said Chiss male is surprisingly clean-cut and military looking. With an odd uniform marked by a blue star, a face with two red pupil-less eyes, and no smile. He has the appearance of an emotionless powerful being, though he is mortal, for brief moments this holo-image represents an entity much greater than the average sentient blue-skinned humanoid.))

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