Araneae Webdancer

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Araneae Webdancer

Post by Seedyjee » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:17 pm

Name: Araneae Webdancer
Species: Human (Singing Mountain Clan)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Force Alignment: Dark

Found abandoned outside a Singing Mountain Clan camp as a baby with no clues as to who she was or who left her. She was taken in by them and treated as one of their own. Araneae had a fascination with poisons and spiders that only grew as she did. She discovered she was able to befriend and communicate with the animals that lurked about in the forest.

She was able to befriend the Rancors as her other clanmates did, but she was always drawn back to the spiders..

She appreciated the Singing Mountain Clan sisters for taking her in but was beginning to realize she did not belong here. She felt a strong darkness tugging at her constantly along with an urge to find her Mother. At the age of 10 she struck out on her own one evening.

She found her way to the cave of the Spiderclan, suspecting her mother may have been one of them. They were not very welcoming at first but the Clan Matron could sense the strength Araneae had inside her. She was taken in and trained as a Web Dancer.
Her abilities grew stronger did the darkness inside her.

One day she witnessed a younger Spiderclan Sister tormenting an injured angler spider. This enraged her beyond control. She focused her thoughts on the Sister choking violently, allowing the seething anger to wash over her. She collapsed unconcious.

When she awoke moments later she found the Sister dead. This was the first time she had given in to the dark forces that she had felt welling inside her. Realizing she must flee before anyone found her victim, she scooped up the small angler spider and fled into the darkness of the forest, not stopping until nightfall. She setup a small camp and tended the wounds of the small angler spider whom she named Itsy.

After many days of wandering and hunting in the forests she stumbled upon a small village called Dark Coven. Cautiously she made her way inside. Maybe here she could find peace and someone to train her to control this darkness before it consumes her....

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Re: Araneae Webdancer

Post by Wolf of Thorns » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:08 pm

Very well done. Ventress looks forward to officially meeting her soon.

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