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NAME: Gin'bilu'alelu
ALIAS: "Gin" / "Bill"
AGE: 29 Standard Years



-Known smuggler
-Known slicer
-Known spice chemist
-Known swoop racer

-Public Intoxication (Mos Entha Security, no noted extradition)



-Field Medicine
-Systems Analysis


Gin'bilu'alelu had always been one to go against the grain; a personality trait neither fostered nor especially looked kindly upon by the cold, calloused, and chillingly conformist Chiss Ascendancy. A born troublemaker, Gin'bilu'alelu - Bill, as he was called among his few friends and family - was often under some kind of lens or another. Oftentimes, it was the local authorities as Bill attempted to drive the family speeder. Others, it was his school instructors, making sure that Bill didn't waste his talent to better the Ascendancy. But all too often, Bill was under intense scrutiny from his father; a military engineer who saw in Bill the potential to have a life far better than his own but sought to squander it at every available opportunity.

As he grew up, Gin'bilu'alelu would often accompany his father, where he would be put to work stripping foreign vessels that the Ascendancy had captured on days he couldn't be bothered to remain in school. In doing so, Bill not only learned how the vessels worked, but expanded on this to apply it to all problems he encountered; learn the parts, learn the interactions, and you learn the solution. And while Bill became something of a brilliant mechanic in his own right, Bill truly began to excel in chemistry, so much so that he was able to turn his near-failing marks around and enroll into a prestigious medical program.

And it damn near killed him.

Despite his newfound successes - insofar as your average Chiss would call them, anyway - Bill had never been more miserable. With each passing year, he grew ever more tired of his peoples' culture and norms, and knew that if he remained in Ascendancy space then he would eventually become just like the rest of them; a fate worse than death. After several months of study into the wider galaxy - learning how to fly the Corellian freighters that seemed so popular with the outsiders, learning basic Huttese, and so on - Gin'bilu'alelu broke into his father's hangar, stole a barely-spaceworthy YT-2400, and fled the Chiss Ascendancy.

But can-do attitudes and determination only got him so far. Within a month, Gin'bilu'alelu - "Gin", as he became known despite his insistence otherwise - was out most of his supplies and what was left of his ship. With barely enough credits to rent him a week in a run-down hotel on Nar Shaddaa, Gin adapted. Learning the parts and the interactions of computer systems led to a talent for slicing everything from computers to armor and weapons, no small business in the underworld. Applying his medical and chemical knowledge to the substances available to him led to spice cooking. Dealing in both got Gin fairly handy with first aid and skill with a pistol as a matter of necessity. With a bit of swoop racing to keep himself sane through it all, Gin eventually got back on his feet with a slew of new skills that would serve him in this brave new long as he didn't mind a bit of attention from local law enforcement.

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