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What others would be able to know about your character. Add an OOC section for things which could be discovered through RP!
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or'Dino Dissimulo

Post by Temperius » Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:22 pm

Old Spacer (really old): “Well, what do you wanna know? I mean many folks have seen him around and know that he is from Tatooine. Stories I heard tell was that he was real good at cooking ID’s. Escaped slaves from Jabba’s and Valarian, would find him and he found a way to get ‘em off world. They never did catch him, though, he was too slippery for ‘em.”

“He was this skinny awkward looking guy who looked like he was always looking for a meal, but never finding it. He took care of this little street waif and her two brothers. Not sure how that worked, he seemed afraid of his own shadow back then. The authorities always seemed to be looking around for ‘em. I think he always seemed to find a way into buildings and ships and stuff. Must have been real good at hiding.”

“Then one day, after the brothers died, the girl left, and he sorta disappeared. Is he the guy that makes that Moonshine I keep hearing about?”

Jato Merc: “Yeah I heard about him. He’s this old guy who always seems to have a drink in his hand or else’s he’s smoking something. Or both.”

“He’s got a big mouth and it seems like people always wanna fight him. I heard that he would show up to fight nights, and just call people out. They laughed at him at first, then there would be some punk who felt like beating up a drunk old man, and well, Dino, would knock the kid out then wink at his girlfriend or something to kinda rub it in. One night he knocked out a wookiee, if you can believe that!
“I think he spent the night in bacta though. Wookiees hit hard. I think his drink hit harder though.”

“I guess they kept him around because he was keen on security stuff. He seemed to be in the security room a lot. I think the boss had him doin stuff for her for a while. At least til he got caught doing something shady and went to Kessel Prison.”

“After a while he got broken out. It caused a lot of chaos here, and then the droids arrived and things were a mess. They didn’t want him in the security room after that. I guess he wormed his way back in somehow. Don’t ask me how. I mean that shine he sells isn’t THAT good.”

“Anyway, I hear he can slice the crap out of anything. I guess that makes people nervous. And well he has a few ships, and people seem to like him well enough. Who wants to know about this guy anyway? Did he screw something up again?”

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