Fou-Darr Risian

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Fou-Darr Risian

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Full Name: Risian, Fou-Darr
Nicknames / Known Aliases:
Foubarr Pakae

Service Unit/Branch: New Republic Special Security Force / Worshyr SpecOps Command
Rank: Captain
Service Number: SF1-193-66

Alliance Medal of Honor
Battle of Endor Hero's Medal — Battle of Endor
Corellian Cross — for distinguished actions during the Battle of Endor
Field Achievement Award


Species: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Hair: None
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Horns: Brown
Jato: None visible
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165

Marital Status: Married
Place of Residence: New Zeltros, Naboo
Place of Birth: Wortan, Iridonia

Aimantia (Joli) Risian - Spouse
Aobruu Risian - Father
Rena Pakae - Mother (deceased)


FAR Organics and Resources
Port Jato Mercenaries
Fate Megacorporation
NR Special Ops cell

Weapons of Choice: FWG-5, Customized VK

Special Abilities: Harsh environment survivalist and tracking skills, CQC training.

Ship Certifications:

Religion/Philosophy: Jedi order sympathizer, TK spiritualism.

Positive Personality Traits: Selfless service, loyalty, commitment to role & responsibilities, intense mission focus.
Negative Personality Traits: Withdrawn, guarded. At times can adopt overly Idealized, naive devotion to organizations and causes he belongs to. Possesses a vigilante streak around the issue of delivering wartime relief supplies.

1: Freighter operations
2: Exploration

1: War Profiteers
2: Imperial Remnants
3: Sociopath/manipulative personality types

Favorite Drinks: Talusian water when on duty
Dress style: rugged wear, earth tones

Extra curricular:
1: Relief supply delivery
2: Search for Antarian Rangers
3: Ship restoration (Dire Wolf)
4: Freighter study


Gallofree YKL-37R Nova Courier Light Freighter "The Dire Wolf" [currently out of action]

Aratech 74-Z speeder bike
Stock Imperial model, no modifications.

R3 astromech “nuno”
Astromech repair, plant and wildlife database, Infrared, trace element detection (sniffer), terrestrial weather and storm EWS, emergency MRE storage compartment.

Dathomir Surefoot Brackaset
Mount and supply carry mule.

Dantooine Lesser Plains Bol “Beast”
Trained sniffer mount used for tracking assist with animals, humanoids, and chemical compounds of interest.

New Republic Special Security Forces detail
Providing threat assessment investigations and secret service protection for Senators and other high NR dignitaries, Captain Risian may frequently be found with other members of this force while on duty.

Born around 33 BBY in Wortan, Iridonia to archaeologists Rena and Aobruu Risian, who moved there primarily to raise him. Rather than complete the traditional adulthood trials, he left Iridonia at 14 to join an Antarian Ranger chapter, having been enchanted by tales of their adventures with Rahm Kota’s militia.

The Kota militia connections placed the Rangers frequently in outer rim territories. It was there, through the Rangers, that Risian met the acquaintances which would later form his job crew.

By the time of the Battle of Yavin, many of the Rangers in the chapter had formally joined the Alliance — including Risian, who enlisted with the Alliance Elite Guard (AEG) under Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke. Much more than honor guards, the AEG performed secret service protections for the highest echelons the Rebellion leadership, often entrusted to protect or move high value assets to safety and worked with Alliance Intelligence to identify and investigate credible threats against Alliance leadership.

Shortly after joining in the Civil War, Risian began an unsanctioned, private war relief campaign, swindling war profiteers out of resources where possible but pirating from them when necessary in order to fund the operation.

In 3 ABY, the Ranger chapter’s enclave on Naboo was sacked by Imperial armed forces. Survivors established a new outpost on Rori but the chapter suffered over 40% missing, killed or now in hiding. Risian eventually left the Rori outpost to re-focus on the war effort and his relief operation.

Risian also saw service at the Battle of Endor aboard the Alliance gunship “Resolute”. After coming under enemy fire the ship suffered a decompression event, spacing most of the bridge crew. Risian crash landed the Resolute and led survivors to a rebel rally point, actions for which he received multiple decorations. Following Endor, Risian was offered and accepted a transfer into Alliance shipping and logistics operations.

Risian’s unsanctioned relief unit unceremoniously disbanded when an accident during a job in Corellian space resulted in the loss of life of a cargo of younglings and the crash of his ship. Upon advice from friends in strategic places, he left the Alliance with an honorable discharge rather than risk word of his operation becoming known to Alliance or the newly forming NR command. Following these events Risian spun into a personal low and spent several months hustling miscellaneous gigs and contract work of various kinds before eventually gaining long term work as personal security in New Zeltros, Naboo.
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