Zarek Draven

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Zarek Draven

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Full Name: Zarek Draven


Aliases/Nicknames: Z, Zay

Title(s): Bounty Hunter (retired)

Preferred name: Zarek

Age/Date of Birth: 35 (25,013 GSC), (30 BBY)

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Human

Skin Tone: light, tan

Height/Weight: 1.8 m tall, 79 kg

Build: Athletic, lean

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Brown

Clothing/Armor Style: Rugged, outdoors clothing. Zarek has several sets or armor, each suited for specific functions.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Family dedication tattoo (back), New Republic tattoo (left arm); blaster bolt scars (neck, right shoulder, lower left abdomen, right quadricep); lightsaber scars (left oblique, right forearm, left pectoral); edged weapon scars (jaw, right oblique, left quadrilateral).

Appearance: Zarek walks with an upright gait, squared shoulders, and has a slight anterior pelvic tilt. He keeps long, straight hair, though it is often tied back and up.

Religion: Zarek has become knowledgeable of the Force, but is not a strict follower of the Jedi Code, or its Tenets.

Political Affiliation: Loyal to the New Republic.

Education: No formal education. Training at CorSec, as well as private training from various mentors.

Weapons: Cortosis weave multi-fold curved blade
Custom-Built Lightsaber
Occupation(s): Private Investigator; Independent Contractor, New Republic

Past Occupation(s): Bounty Hunter, CorSec Special Weapons and Tactics

Special Abilities/Skills: Investigation and Intelligence specialist, tracking, piloting.

Activities/Organizations: Zarek participates in various off the record activities for New Republic brass, and is affiliated with a small New Republic cell operating in the Outer Rim.

Hobbies/Interests: In his downtime, Zarek enjoys studying, training, and meditation.

Serious Problems/Flaws/etc.: Zarek’s past has brought about a deep sense of regret and guilt for his actions while working as a bounty hunter.

Citizenship: Reclaimer II

Place of Birth: Lok

Now lives: Reclaimer II

Current Relationship Status: Single

Relationship History: Zarek has a short list of serious relationships. Among those, the most notable are a two year relationship with Kasara Baeron, formerly of CorSec (turned out to be an Imperial Spy), and Selara Vess, daughter of Naboo noble Koran Vess. Zarek doesn’t speak of these relationships often, if at all.

Family: Father Sul Draven (location unknown), Mother Morgana Draven (deceased), Sister Shara and niece Evva (location unknown).

CEC YT-2400 Reclaimer II
BB Droid Unit (bought on NS)
Droideka Unit (gift from Naboo royal)
DNA Sequencer
Magnetic Fingerprint Analyzer
Link Analysis Software
LA-ICP-MS (broken glass)
Alternative Light Camera
Video Spectral Comparator
Digital Surveillance Software
Database Infiltrator Software
Blood Collection kit
Bloodstain pattern documentation kit
Fingerprint kit
Impression kit
Pattern print lifter kit
Trace evidence collection kit
Trajectory kit
Plastic bags

Personality Profile:
New Republic Personality Profile, completed by Pori Lon, Psychiatrist:

Subject displays personality traits with mixed results, as is usual among individuals, as follows:

ENTJ - Subject exhibits a strong will to complete tasks, and achieve goals. Could be to a fault, based on situation. Questionable concept or care for consequences of actions; situational.

ISTP - Subject exhibits exceptional comprehension for and with specific and prior trained skills. Coincides with ENTJ profile, enabling bold confidence when able to utilize prior knowledge.

INFP - Despite prior profiles, subject manages to display altruistic ideals. Exhibits prior profiles in regards to doing what subject believes to be 'right'. Whether identified profile is based on past experience or inherent disposition is inconclusive.

OOC Information:
Zarek was born on the desert planet of Lok in the year 25,013 (Galactic Standard Calendar, 30 BBY), to Sul and Morgana Draven. Rebel sympathizers, the couple helped supply resistance fighters with food and supplies through several depots located on the planet.
In 25,025 (GSC, 18 BBY), shortly after the Lok Revenets reclaimed control of the planet from the Trade Federation, Sul joined the Rebellion, and was forced to uproot his family from Draven's childhood home. Eight years later, after living among the Alliance fleet, the Draven family settled on Corellia, hoping to find adequate care for Morgana, who had fallen terminally ill.

When Zarek was twenty years old, he enlisted with CorSec to help the family with the accruing medical costs. After two years of service, he applied for a pre-med program at Corellia University, but was ultimately passed over for the program. It was shortly after this that Captain Div Binn recruited Zarek for CorSec special weapons and operations.

A few years later, Morgana would give in to her illness, leaving her family broken and unsure of their future. Sul, being devastated and feeling unfit to raise Zarek and is younger sister, flees the planet, leaving Zarek to care for the young girl. It would not be long after this that he (Zarek) would get discharged from CorSec after a rogue mission to help a member of Binn's family went awry, and was discovered by CorSec officials. Instead of striking a deal that would rest the blame strictly on Captain Binn, Zarek opts to leave CorSec, and ultimately Corellia.

The next few years would lead Zarek to working as a mercenary and bounty hunter to make ends meet, while him and his sister lived out of a junker of a Tachyon freighter he had picked on Corellia. Zarek was surprised to make a considerable living doing such work. It didn't take long before he drew the interest of a Bounty Hunter who would go on to mentor him and ultimately help him hone his talents. This enabled Zarek to take on some of the most lucrative bounties in the galaxy. Zarek moved him and his sister to Felucia, where his mentor lived.

Though the lifestyle would start to weigh heavy on his conscience, Zarek would ultimately justify his actions in the name of caring for his sister, who was ignorant to his action thus far. Zarek's final bounty would lead him away from the line of work, and his home on Felucia, to Tanaab. It was here that his life would take a turn when he was led to a group of Ithorians who were researching ways to expedite food growth in hopes of feeding the increasing number of refugees from the war. It was then he would find a new mentor, Ulro Vaerno. Ulro was an Ithorian scientist and medicine man, and one of the organizer of the Jenova Food Program.

Ulro would help him untap his natural healing abilities Zarek had no idea he possessed, as well as show him the fundamentals of meditation, which Zarek would go on to use to help him overcome the guilt he felt over the past few years. By the time he decided to leave Tanaab and offer his acquired skills to a higher calling, his sister was old enough to make the decision to stay with the Ithorians and continue her work with the program.

Through an odd set of circumstances, Zarek would be reunited with a man he had once hunted, along with his father. The encounter enlightened Zarek to an unknown aspect of his mother's past, and bring a modicum of resolution between him and his father. Zarek's quarry turned ally would help him find the Rebel Alliance, who he began to work for under the tutelage of General Reev Doldonis.

Zarek would continue to work off the records jobs for Doldonis until after the battle of Yavin. The Alliance victory set forth many changes in the operations of the Alliance, and Zarek's work would be no different. He was allotted more freedom to pursue his own goals, though he would still perform jobs for Doldonis when the need would arise.

Zarek had established a residence on the planet of Dantooine, where he tried to settle into to a somewhat quieter lifestyle. It was here that he met an Ithorian gardener named Fazza. A meaningful friendship would ensue, and the venerable Fazza would help Zarek discover his potential as a Force Adept. Zarek came to treasure the lessons, and his relationship with his new mentor. Months would pass, and Zarek's ability to feel the mystical energy broadened. In this time, he settled in and established an office, where he would work as a private investigator. His experience as a bounty hunter would prove useful in his new profession. As the war raged on, the Empire inevitably took notice of Dantooine, and of the town of Agathon. Ultimately, the an Imperial regiment would overtake the planet, leaving a wake of destruction. Zarek's new mentor and friend would become one of the casualties of the event, leaving him broken and lost.

During his time on the once peaceful planet, Zarek had been commissioned by Agathon's mayor to seek out a former resident, and former Jedi. The quarry proved most elusive, though the series of events would lead him to make a new friend, a Wookiee called Garuk. It was on Nar Shadaa that he met the Kashyyykian native, after a series of clues led him to the smuggler's moon in search of Jacobus Finn.

Zarek would ultimately find Jacobus, and the two would become allies for a short time. The former Jedi enlisted Zarek's aid with a project that would lend services to the new Republic. Once more, Zarek felt he had found his purpose in life. The next few months would, however, prove trying, and Jacobus would once more cast himself into the galaxy, seeking to be hidden. Zarek's work had drawn the attention of Imperial Intelligence, and would find him on the other end of the bounty listings, now quarry himself.

Instead of face the threat of capture, or death, Zarek opted to send himself into exile. Communication with his sister had been lost, forcing him to travel the galaxy in an effort to not only find his only family, but to stay under the radar of those who would seek to collect the price on his head. As he became more in tune with the Force, he realized he was being guided to a number of individuals that would teach him new techniques, and offer fresh perspectives on what the Force was.

His efforts to evade bounty hunters were mostly successful, and those who managed to locate him would ultimately fall to his blade. It wasn't until his sister and niece were caught up in his past that he sought to put an end to the cat-and-mouse game he had been playing with those who wished him dead. After a mission to Ord Mantell to free his sister and niece from the cluthes of Ronin Gaar, a former Jedi turned bounty hunter, Zarek hunted down those who had put the price on his life.

The series of violent and deadly confrontations finally brought him back to Lok, where he was able to reunite his sister with Izzaar Loran, a New Republic shock trooper who had been courting his sister before her capture. His initial concerns of her falling for such a man had been squelched by his assurance of her safety, and Zarek bid them farewell as they relocated to Chandrilla. Zarek once more returned to Lok, hoping to find Jacobus where he had last seen him. Though this would not be the case, Zarek took it upon himself to finish the work they had started.

The former bounty hunter currently travels the galaxy seeking to extend his knowledge of the Force, while searching for other Force users trying to find a place in the galaxy.

Force Abilities: Force User (108 points)

Force Sense (The art of using the Force to feel life around you, tapping in to your natural connection to the living Force, feeling the auras of life forms around you, even ones hidden to the eye. As well as detecting life, the use of Force sense can give one a precognition, predicting attacks and even as far as an attackers trajectory. It is why when Jedi duel it may even look to be a "choreographed" sequence. Force sense however is not a 100% reliable shield against such as it provides one only with a general precognition of base impulses and intentions as best. Your sensing abilities should be practised often through meditation. Learn to feel the life around you.)
discovered his Force potential from Fazza while living on Dantooine

Force Empathy 2 points (The art of sensing the feelings and emotions of another. One can easily discern through this if one is angry, fearful, guilty and so on even if it is not shown on the outside. Through this one may also detect if one is lying. However, many who have received specialist mental, or Force training may learn how to use this against the Jedi, throwing up walls of false emotions to hide their true intentions.)
learned Force Empathy from Fazza while living on Dantooine

Soft to Solid 10 points (was a Matukai Force technique that made normally soft parts of the body become incredibly rigid and rough for a brief amount of time, giving the user a form of natural body armor.)
learned Soft to Solid while in exile, on the planet Hoth, from a Matukai adept named Thelos

Force Focus 3 points (was an ability to focus on a task, through use of the Force. Luke Skywalker used it to accurately fire proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star.)
learned Force Focus from the holocron of Mishan Baa

Shii-Cho 5 points Lightsaber Form
learned Shii-Cho from the holocron of Mishan Baa

Force Jump 2 points (The simple art of using the Force to augment the physical act of jumping. Through the Force on can leap several meters into the air, eventually several feet or perhaps more as well as acrobatics not possible to perform otherwise without aid of the Force.)
learned Force Jump while in exile, on the planet Hoth, from a Matukai adept named Thelos

Force Speed 2 points (The ability for a Force user to speed up his or her physical movements beyond the normal limits. Ones who have mastered the art of this power can come across as but a blur passing by them. While useful, it should be used with consideration as this power can be very exhausting to use, draining your Force pools quickly)
learned Force Speed from the holocron of Mishan Baa

Ataru 15 points LIghtsaber Form
learned Ataru from the holocron of Mishan Baa

Force Body 5 points Force Body was a type of Force technique which allowed any Force-sensitive to push their body's endurance past a safe limit, ignoring and sacrificing their health and well-being in order to sustain their connection to the Force.
learned Force Body while in exile, on the planet Hoth, from a Matukai adept named Thelos

Force Cloak 20 points The art of Force cloak is learning to use the Force to bend and control the light around you, creating the illusion of invisibility to onlookers. Like Force Speed however, this can be very tiring if used for long periods and should be timed well in stealth missions. One should also remember using this power will greatly increase your Force presence, so while you are not visible physically, you will be a prime target for other Force users that will be able to sense your presence.
learned Force Cloak while in exile, on the planet Dathomir, from a Fallanassi named Sephora

Art of the Small 10 points enabled one to disguise their presense in the Force. By narrowing their focus, a Force user could essentially shrink their presence in the Force to a microscopic size. While in this state, the user could operate molecules in any way they wanted, turning them into something completely different, such changing their Force aura to be like that of another individual's, species or an animal, tricking the senses of other Force users.
learned Art of the Small while in exile, on the planet Dathomir, from a Fallanassi named Sephora

Affect mind 10 points is a form of mind trick which causes the caster to become invisible to the one it is casted upon for a couple of seconds. This power could also be used to create audible distractions in the minds of the those targeted, a prime example being Obiwan Kenobi using this ability to distract stormtroopers on the Deathstar.
learned Affect Mind while in exile, on the planet Dathomir, from a Fallanassi named Sephora

Force Immersion 15 points was a specialized technique developed by the Fallanassi, by which a skilled user could immerse themselves in the "White Current", rendering themselves undetectable by any means, organic or artificial, not appearing to the eyes or on any electronic devices. Only careful scrutiny could pierce the immersion technique, and even then the weak-minded would remain oblivious to their presence, unless the Force user interacted with the being. Masters of Force immersion were capable of immersing others outside of themselves, such as another person or even objects, into the Current. Those using the Force would be able to sense them however.
learned Force Immersion while in exile, on the planet Dathomir, from a Fallanassi named Sephora

Lightsaber Blast Deflection 4 points The ability to use one's lightsaber to deflect incoming blaster bolts away from one's self in a random direction.
learned Deflection through practice and supplication to the Force

Breath Control 5 points Using the Force power breath control, a Force user could literally numb the body's instinct to shut itself down after long periods without oxygen, allowing the user to be able to go without breathing for longer periods than he or she ordinarily could by using the Force to reserve the amounts of air in the lungs. It was believed that some users of the technique could hold their breath for hours or even days with this power.
learned Breath Control through practice and supplication to the Force
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Re: Zarek Draven

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Re: Zarek Draven

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Man, you guys are so good with your bios. I love it.

I sense some friction between J'orir and Zarek, though. He's not a fan of the force. Haha. But really well done and established biography and fleshed out character. I look forward to RP'ing with you!

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Re: Zarek Draven

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Also thanks J'orir. It has been fun to RP with you. Looking forward to revealing his Force-like nature to your Mandalorian! someday.

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Re: Zarek Draven

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Heya! Didn't know you were updating with me. We'll uh... Well, we'll see how it goes.

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