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The Beckon

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:17 pm
by Sandarie

Ashla: My children Bogan: Awaken. Ashla: Awaken. You are needed. Bogan: One has awakened who will upset the balance. Ashla: To keep the balance Bogan: you must awaken. Ashla: You have heard the rumors /You do not yet understand Bogan: and/but you must find the source . Ashla: Go, seek, and gather help. Bogan: Go, conquer, and gain power. Ashla: There are many places Bogan: Places of strength Ashla: Places of center Bogan: Places of pain Ashla: Seek the planet where in ancient times the sides sought wisdom Bogan: and now a new conflict has arisen where they seek dominance. Ashla: There others will gather to share knowledge Bogan: or subvert to your will. Ashla: Awaken. Bogan: Awaken.