EiF Patch Notes 11/19 – “The Taanab Harvest”


  • The Taanab Harvest event has begun!
    • Players who travel to the Taanab hex farms can speak with co-op president Bukrom in person, who will give players details.
    • The Taanab Harvest is a four-week event, with each week introducing a new phase with new missions, loot, and escalating danger.
    • Work for three different co-op leaders – Kari Saarek, Jaa Haruss, and Vinon Daivik – to help the Taanab farmers in their attempts to protect themselves from the predations of the Norulac pirates.
    • Completing fifteen missions for a co-op leader will provide a single-time, unique prize, in addition to harvest coins. You can only earn one of these unique prizes per week. (I.e. if you earn Kari Saarek’s fifteen mission prize for the first week, you cannot earn Jaa Haruss or Vinon Daivik’s prize for week 1!)
    • NOTE: Solia Maduel’s quests are disabled. Maybe next year.
    • Special note: Vinon Daivik’s quest requires Surveillance Binoculars, introduced as a new craftable with this patch.

Utility Items

  • This patch introduces a handful of new artisan-craftable items and commands. These items will be used in new quests and content going forward.
  • These new “utility items” can be equipped normally. To save inventory space, a player can /stow them (the utility item equivalent to /holster). While they’re equipped, a player can /utilize them.
  • Surveillance Binoculars – Accepts a datacard. Used to scout out and record areas for survey and surveillance purposes.
  • Datapad – Accepts a datacard. Used to retrieve and store data.


  • Utilize now has a cooldown to prevent spamming.
  • Flash Speeder price increased to 75k credits due to a galaxy-wide shortage.

Bug Fixes

  • Imperial PvP rifle now has a separate appearance from the Imperial shotgun.
  • Fixed the X-34 landspeeder’s speed.
  • Fixed the X-34 landspeeder passenger’s animation.

EiF Patch Notes 05/04/2022

Happy Anniversary! Today marks 5 years of Empire in Flames, and here are notes to go along with today’s 05/04/2022 patch.


  • This year’s Riddle Hunt is now live! Talk to the Hyperspace Navigators’ Guild member in Coronet Starport to get started. Travel across the galaxy to notable landmarks and earn prizes by finding the correct Guild Member for your riddles.
  • Special thanks to Traycn for writing this year’s riddles.
  • Special thanks to Mina for compiling this year’s painting list.


  • Fixed lightsaber trails on several lightsabers.
  • The barrel subcomponent now offers a 5x bonus.
  • Sith Speeders can now be crafted with custom colors.


  • LAAT/i airspeeder and factional jetpack schematics have been added to the war fame vendors. Factional jetpacks require players to be of the corresponding faction to equip.
  • New weapons added for the Mandalorian Enclave for future content.
  • Added Mandalorian jetpack to the Mandalorian Enclave for future content.
  • Fixed bugged Restuss and Hutt Outpost spawns appearing around 0, 0 on Rori.
  • Removed the Hutt assassin from the Hutt Outpost cloner. Players may now clone in peace once again.
  • Reverse-grip lightsabers now holster with emitter pointing downward, like other lightsabers.


  • There has been a vehicle backend overhaul. There are now three categories of vehicles: speeders, airspeeders, and jetpacks.
    • Speeders follow stock SWG rules – they can be called anywhere with a 15 second delay, but call instantly in city limits.
    • Airspeeders can only be called at city garages, are auto-mounted, and auto-store on dismount.
    • Jetpacks can be called anywhere instantly, but must be worn and take the backpack slot.
  • Jetpack recolor uses armor customization kits.
  • Jetpacks require both the worn inventory object and the datapad control device to function.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with auto-mount calls.

EiF Patch Notes 03/01/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released 03/01/2022.

Player Races

  • Playable Arkanian race added. Arkanians are egotistical masters of genetics, and a perfect fit for an aspiring bioengineer.
  • Playable Echani race added. Echanis are obsessed with personal combat, with racial bonuses to center of being.
  • Dathomiri witches should now have new face markings available.
  • Chiss characters have received a visual upgrade. New customization options are available, such as eyebrows, makeup, etc.
  • The EiF team experimented with the new-canon style Chiss eyes. The team has chosen to release a mod for that instead of including it in official server files. If you wish to try it, download this file and drop it in your EiF directory. To uninstall, simply remove the file.

Server Changes

  • The SWGEmu AI update has been integrated into EiF code. This was a massive undertaking requiring a huge number of changes on EiF to implement the code. Bugs may result – please report issues promptly.


  • NPCs may now holster their weapons after exiting combat.
  • Weapon DPS calculation reworked to include a player’s speed modifiers and the speed cap. DPS is calculated as a base-level /attack with the weapon in question.
  • Smugglers examining weapons and armor will now see information on the slice performed on the object instead of the generic “This weapon has been altered by a smuggler and may bring unwanted attention from the Empire” message.
  • Heavy weapon specials have had their range restriction removed.
  • Worn weapons implemented. (Not yet available to players.)
  • New armor added. (Not yet available to players.)
  • New weapons added. (Not yet available to players.)
  • Nexu mount fixed.

EiF Patch Notes 12/12/21 – 12/18/21 Compilation

Here is a compilation of patch notes for the multiple patches released the week of 12 December – 18 December 2021.


  • Valarian thugs threatening Boonta Eve have had their loot tables adjusted. The chance to drop clothing attachments has been reduced slightly, and a chance to drop armor attachments has been added.
  • Holstered weapons are now used when calculating player level when taking missions. The higher level is taken from either the equipped weapon or the holstered weapon.


  • Watto now has a listing of rare and interesting items available for players with unusual coins.
  • Witch clothing can now optionally take BE cloth.
  • CA/AA table tweaks.
  • The world bosses on Rori and Endor now carry loot.
  • Decoration added to Eventide for Yuletide event. (Mina)


  • Fixed Force regen.
  • Togruta hands will now properly be covered by gloves.
  • New characters will no longer receive both their profession outfit and the default outfit – they will only receive their profession outfit.
  • Fixed rare login screen crash to desktop.
  • Fixed starter stats on commando flamethrower.
  • Fixed Force regen bug permanently.
  • Fixed some missing/incorrect strings.
  • The Dark Trooper Exoskeleton should now allow a player to equip pants.