EiF Patch Notes 11/26/22 – “The Taanab Harvest, Week 2”


  • The Taanab Harvest event has entered its second week!
    • Players who travel to the Taanab hex farms can speak with co-op president Bukrom in person, who will give players details.
    • The Taanab Harvest is a four-week event, with each week introducing a new phase with new missions, loot, and escalating danger.
    • Quest givers have a new set of missions for Week 2 as the harvest continues, with Norulac predations rising and the farmers racing against time to combat the threat.
    • Kari Saarek needs volunteers to whip militia recruits into fighting shape by taking them on patrols around the hex farm.
    • Jaa Haruss needs brave players to investigate reports of Norulac activity across Taanab.
    • Vinon Daivik is looking for travelers to track down contacts who may provide the Taanab farmers the materiel they desperately need to fight the Norulacs…for a price.
      • Special note: Vinon Daivik’s quest cannot be repeated this week.
    • Completing missions for a co-op leader will provide a single-time, unique prize, in addition to harvest coins. You can only earn one of these unique prizes per week. (I.e. if you earn Kari Saarek’s unique mission prize, you cannot earn Jaa Haruss or Vinon Daivik’s prize for this week!)
    • NOTE: Solia Maduel’s quests are disabled. Maybe next year.

EiF Patch Notes 10/18/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on 10/18/2022, featuring the long-awaited return of the Exar Kun Holiday Instance:


  • The Temple of Exar Kun has returned!
    • Reports of disappearing archeologists have begun to swirl around a dark temple on Yavin 4. Others whisper about a shade haunting the temple – a shade that must be confronted before the temple’s depths can be plumbed.
    • Three players are required to begin the instance. The instance can be run once per day, per character. Take care in the depths of the temple – there are no cloning centers available.
    • The Temple of Exar Kun will only be accessible for a short time during the Halloween season. Conquer it to acquire unique, limited-time weapons and items! New loot has been added for 2022!

Bug Fixes

  • Scattergun specials now feature subtitles in the skill tree
  • The Scavenger’s Lightsaber has been fixed and now recolors as intended
  • Center of being modifiers should now be properly added to agnostic lightsabers.


EiF Patch Notes 10/11/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on 10/11/2022:

Heroic Instances

  • Rewrite to Exar Kun mechanics for testing. The instance is not yet available to players. (Halyn)
  • Tweaks to Smuggler Gunship for testing. The instance is not yet available to players. (Halyn)

World Bosses

  • Corrected issue with Endorian World Boss’s second fight mechanic (Demi)
  • Relocated one of the Rori World Boss’s spawn locations to prevent him from hiding behind ruins and causing line-of-sight issues (Demi)
  • Fixed issues with World Boss pet rewards (Halyn)


  • Guns, guns, and more guns. Added additional shotgun types for future content (Halyn)
  • Scattergun specials were feeling a bit underutilized. The following adjustments to scattergun specials have been made (Halyn)
    • Breach Shot
      • Accuracy Bonus Redecuded from 30 to 5
      • Cone reduced from 60 to 30
    • Choke Shot
      • Ability now targets the Health pool instead of a random pool
    • Gut Shot
      • Increased Accuracy Bonus from 5 to 15
      • Increased Cone from 15 to 30
      • Ability now targets a Random pool instead of the Health pool


  • Adjusted rotary cannon specials (Halyn)
  • Equipped rotary cannons now cause a player to move slower. Movement speed is not impacted while the weapon is holstered (Halyn)
  • Added the lightning gauntlet for future content. (Halyn)

Bounty Hunter

  • Added the lightning gauntlet for future content. (Halyn)


Pistoleer was found to be over performing. The following changes have been implemented. (Halyn/Demi)

  • Multi-Target Pistol Shot
    • Increased base damage multiplier from 3.0 to 3.5
    • Decreased accuracy bonus from 30 to 5
    • Removed ranged damage multiplier
  • Stopping Shot
    • Reduced close-range damage range from 15m to 10m. Reduced bonus damage multiplier at this range from 2.0 to 1.25
    • Reduced mid-range damage range from 32m to 24m. Reduced bonus damage multiplier at this range from 1.75 to 1.1


  • The /reload command now animates! (Halyn)
  • Stimpack droids now have a speed cap on healing (Halyn)
  • When harvesting lairs, rangers should now be able to harvest more eggs (Halyn)
  • Pets should now appropriately respond to player emotes (Halyn)
  • Rebel Marine Backpack no longer requires a faction to equip (Abi)
  • Lightsaber blade appearance is no longer affected by bloom (Halyn)


  • Taanab world snapshot changes at Pandath and Hex Farms. (Mina)
  • Mandalorian armor crafting materials updated. (Halyn)
  • Faction recruiter vendor updates. (Abi)


  • EiF is again up-to-date with SWGEmu unstable code, including the new position updates. Reflection of player positions should be far more accurate than in the past.

EiF Patch Notes 04/16/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on April 16, 2022, debuting The Great Fashion Disaster!


  • The Galactic Egg Hunt is on! Kari Saarek is coordinating this year’s Egg Hunt. Start by visiting Kari in Pandath on Taanab. This year’s egg hunt uses the new camtono for its egg containers.
  • The egg hunt this year has 98 eggs to be found, plus 15 additional eggs for completing the ski speeder race.
  • Adjusted prize vendor for the egg hunt.
  • The first player to collect all 113 eggs and report it to Halyn will receive an exclusive prize: choice of a Mustafarian bunker or an AEG-77 Vigo gunship house!
  • POIs have been added to Kuat.
  • The Hutt Outpost on Rori has once again been occupied by the Hutts after driving out the stray NR forces.


  • The Great Fashion Disaster is upon us.
  • All wearables (and recolorable furniture) have been moved to a unified color palette. Outfits should be much easier to coordinate colors.
  • Master artisans can now craft dye kits for clothing, armor, and furniture. To recolor an item, use the radial while an object is in inventory (along with a dye kit!) and a “recolor” option will appear.
  • Armor can no longer be recolored without a dye kit.
  • Electric-style lamps now cast white light instead of yellow.
  • Additional lighting color options are now available as alternate appearances when an architect crafts electric-style lighting – green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, and red lights are available (in addition to standard white).
  • A small puck-style light has been added to architect to accomodate more lighting options.

Player Cities

  • Chandrila is now properly available for player cities, using Corellia-style buildings.


  • If a player answers a holocomm message on its last ring cycle, they will no longer receive a “You have missed a holocomm” message.
  • Fixed HQ overload shutdown not working on starports during GCW invasions.
  • Fixed combat walkers having their own AI. Again. Probably. Maybe. (Is this a meme yet?)
  • Vreni Island’s GCW spawns now properly depend on Corellia’s GCW status.

EiF Patch Notes 03/29/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on March 29, 2022, in which things were fixed.


  • Fixed some missing strings.
  • Gauntlet flamethrower appearance updated.
  • Fixed Arkanian and Echani species skills.
  • Updated old man’s quest from Graul Marauders to Graul Maulers.


  • New lightsabers added for future content


  • Gorvo should now use specials in the Axkva Min instance.
  • Panic shot will now intimidate again.
  • Combat walkers fixed for GCW. (Really, truly, this time!)
  • Combat walkers will be attacked by NPCs again.
  • Instance bosses that should be rooted are now rooted and can no longer move.
  • Coruscant stormtrooper battalion has been disciplined and will now maintain parade formation.


  • Ashla and Bogan vision should now work properly again.