EiF Patch Notes 03/31/2023

Here are the patch notes released on 03/31/2023.


  • A new world boss has been sighted around Theed. Approach with extreme caution
  • A new system is being rolled out that will allow players to display a hologram of a schematic. Only a handful of schematic currently have this option, but it will be continued to be rolled out to other schematics going forward
  • World Snapshot updates for Corellia and Naboo


  • Fixed more performance issues with Rotary Cannons

EiF Patch Notes 10/11/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on 10/11/2022:

Heroic Instances

  • Rewrite to Exar Kun mechanics for testing. The instance is not yet available to players. (Halyn)
  • Tweaks to Smuggler Gunship for testing. The instance is not yet available to players. (Halyn)

World Bosses

  • Corrected issue with Endorian World Boss’s second fight mechanic (Demi)
  • Relocated one of the Rori World Boss’s spawn locations to prevent him from hiding behind ruins and causing line-of-sight issues (Demi)
  • Fixed issues with World Boss pet rewards (Halyn)


  • Guns, guns, and more guns. Added additional shotgun types for future content (Halyn)
  • Scattergun specials were feeling a bit underutilized. The following adjustments to scattergun specials have been made (Halyn)
    • Breach Shot
      • Accuracy Bonus Redecuded from 30 to 5
      • Cone reduced from 60 to 30
    • Choke Shot
      • Ability now targets the Health pool instead of a random pool
    • Gut Shot
      • Increased Accuracy Bonus from 5 to 15
      • Increased Cone from 15 to 30
      • Ability now targets a Random pool instead of the Health pool


  • Adjusted rotary cannon specials (Halyn)
  • Equipped rotary cannons now cause a player to move slower. Movement speed is not impacted while the weapon is holstered (Halyn)
  • Added the lightning gauntlet for future content. (Halyn)

Bounty Hunter

  • Added the lightning gauntlet for future content. (Halyn)


Pistoleer was found to be over performing. The following changes have been implemented. (Halyn/Demi)

  • Multi-Target Pistol Shot
    • Increased base damage multiplier from 3.0 to 3.5
    • Decreased accuracy bonus from 30 to 5
    • Removed ranged damage multiplier
  • Stopping Shot
    • Reduced close-range damage range from 15m to 10m. Reduced bonus damage multiplier at this range from 2.0 to 1.25
    • Reduced mid-range damage range from 32m to 24m. Reduced bonus damage multiplier at this range from 1.75 to 1.1


  • The /reload command now animates! (Halyn)
  • Stimpack droids now have a speed cap on healing (Halyn)
  • When harvesting lairs, rangers should now be able to harvest more eggs (Halyn)
  • Pets should now appropriately respond to player emotes (Halyn)
  • Rebel Marine Backpack no longer requires a faction to equip (Abi)
  • Lightsaber blade appearance is no longer affected by bloom (Halyn)


  • Taanab world snapshot changes at Pandath and Hex Farms. (Mina)
  • Mandalorian armor crafting materials updated. (Halyn)
  • Faction recruiter vendor updates. (Abi)


  • EiF is again up-to-date with SWGEmu unstable code, including the new position updates. Reflection of player positions should be far more accurate than in the past.

EiF Patch Notes 12/12/21 – 12/18/21 Compilation

Here is a compilation of patch notes for the multiple patches released the week of 12 December – 18 December 2021.


  • Valarian thugs threatening Boonta Eve have had their loot tables adjusted. The chance to drop clothing attachments has been reduced slightly, and a chance to drop armor attachments has been added.
  • Holstered weapons are now used when calculating player level when taking missions. The higher level is taken from either the equipped weapon or the holstered weapon.


  • Watto now has a listing of rare and interesting items available for players with unusual coins.
  • Witch clothing can now optionally take BE cloth.
  • CA/AA table tweaks.
  • The world bosses on Rori and Endor now carry loot.
  • Decoration added to Eventide for Yuletide event. (Mina)


  • Fixed Force regen.
  • Togruta hands will now properly be covered by gloves.
  • New characters will no longer receive both their profession outfit and the default outfit – they will only receive their profession outfit.
  • Fixed rare login screen crash to desktop.
  • Fixed starter stats on commando flamethrower.
  • Fixed Force regen bug permanently.
  • Fixed some missing/incorrect strings.
  • The Dark Trooper Exoskeleton should now allow a player to equip pants.