EiF Patch Notes 04/20/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on April 20th, 2022.

Character Creation

  • New Hutt characters will now only have a single name.
  • After creation, Hutt surnames will be set to “the Hutt”.
  • New Chiss characters will now only have a single name. *Chiss names can be created with up to two apostrophes.
  • Added proper random name generation for Chiss.
  • New Feeorin characters will now only have a single name.
  • Feeorin name generation will yield one to two syllable names.
  • Mirialan characters will now show proper skin palette on character creation.
  • Zeltron characters will now show proper skin palette on character creation.


  • Fixed scavenger lightsaber’s palette selection.


  • V-wing airspeeders will now properly float in the sky.
  • Fixed potential double-spawn of NPCs after a GCW invasion.
  • Fixed trainers with a single name showing their last name as “(an” or “(a” on the planetary map.
  • Kari Saarek is now female.
  • Chiss NPCs will now spawn with a Chiss name.
  • Fixed pet damage increasing on every call for ranged pets.
  • Naboo snapshot update.
  • Chiss now show as “Chiss” in the character sheet.

EiF Patch Notes 04/16/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on April 16, 2022, debuting The Great Fashion Disaster!


  • The Galactic Egg Hunt is on! Kari Saarek is coordinating this year’s Egg Hunt. Start by visiting Kari in Pandath on Taanab. This year’s egg hunt uses the new camtono for its egg containers.
  • The egg hunt this year has 98 eggs to be found, plus 15 additional eggs for completing the ski speeder race.
  • Adjusted prize vendor for the egg hunt.
  • The first player to collect all 113 eggs and report it to Halyn will receive an exclusive prize: choice of a Mustafarian bunker or an AEG-77 Vigo gunship house!
  • POIs have been added to Kuat.
  • The Hutt Outpost on Rori has once again been occupied by the Hutts after driving out the stray NR forces.


  • The Great Fashion Disaster is upon us.
  • All wearables (and recolorable furniture) have been moved to a unified color palette. Outfits should be much easier to coordinate colors.
  • Master artisans can now craft dye kits for clothing, armor, and furniture. To recolor an item, use the radial while an object is in inventory (along with a dye kit!) and a “recolor” option will appear.
  • Armor can no longer be recolored without a dye kit.
  • Electric-style lamps now cast white light instead of yellow.
  • Additional lighting color options are now available as alternate appearances when an architect crafts electric-style lighting – green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, and red lights are available (in addition to standard white).
  • A small puck-style light has been added to architect to accomodate more lighting options.

Player Cities

  • Chandrila is now properly available for player cities, using Corellia-style buildings.


  • If a player answers a holocomm message on its last ring cycle, they will no longer receive a “You have missed a holocomm” message.
  • Fixed HQ overload shutdown not working on starports during GCW invasions.
  • Fixed combat walkers having their own AI. Again. Probably. Maybe. (Is this a meme yet?)
  • Vreni Island’s GCW spawns now properly depend on Corellia’s GCW status.

EiF Patch Notes 03/29/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on March 29, 2022, in which things were fixed.


  • Fixed some missing strings.
  • Gauntlet flamethrower appearance updated.
  • Fixed Arkanian and Echani species skills.
  • Updated old man’s quest from Graul Marauders to Graul Maulers.


  • New lightsabers added for future content


  • Gorvo should now use specials in the Axkva Min instance.
  • Panic shot will now intimidate again.
  • Combat walkers fixed for GCW. (Really, truly, this time!)
  • Combat walkers will be attacked by NPCs again.
  • Instance bosses that should be rooted are now rooted and can no longer move.
  • Coruscant stormtrooper battalion has been disciplined and will now maintain parade formation.


  • Ashla and Bogan vision should now work properly again.

EiF Patch Notes 03/25/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released on Friday, March 25th, 2022.


  • Toolbars can now be locked to prevent unwanted changes, courtesy of Phoenix. No longer will you accidentally pull an ability off of your bar in the heat of battle and then immediately forget what was there in the first place.

Itemization Updates

  • New loot has been added to certain groups.
  • Dye kits for clothing, armor, and furniture added in preparation for the Great Fashion Disaster. These are not yet craftable but will be available in a future patch. (Phoenix)
  • Added single-hand gloves as alternate appearances for a regular pair of gloves when crafted by a tailor. While only appearing on one hand, they use the same slots as a regular pair of gloves. Cosplaying as Luke has never been so easy.
  • Ithorians can now wear the invisible helmet per player request.


  • New weapons added to be available in future content.
  • Combat walkers should now work as intended and are no longer invincible or prone to crashing the server when a pilot tries to take control.
  • Panic shot is once again properly weapon agnostic.
  • Restored Force Lightning Blast to master Jedi.
  • Changed launcher pistol animation to be something less seizure-inducing.


  • Merges from SWGEmu to fix harvester droids, pets, and some other misc issues. Pets should no longer betray and turn on their owners, and harvester droids should no longer be as lazy..
  • Devaronian skin palette adjusted.
  • Witch characters now have high-resolution eye textures.
  • Rori snapshot changes for Exchange event.

EiF Patch Notes 03/09/2022

Here are the notes for the patch released 03/09/2022.


  • The junk dealer strike has ended.
  • Weapon is now properly cleared from a player upon unequip.
  • Cleaned up edge problems caused by worn weapons.
  • Fixed STARTCOMBAT and STOPCOMBAT observers.
  • Instances should now be completable again. It is a known issue that some bosses that should be rooted in place will still move.
  • Kuat pets should have their special attacks available again.
  • The SWGEmu AI update was recently integrated into EiF code. This was a massive undertaking requiring a huge number of changes on EiF to implement the code. Bugs may result – please continue to report issues promptly.