Empire In Flames: GCW Patch, Part 1 – 9/23/2018


The Galactic Civil War launches today. After successful tests of the Invasion system, the behind the scenes pieces are in place to make this all work. So begins the open conflict between the Empire and the New Republic.

In case you missed the Invasion Tests, here’s what you need to know:

The Empire or the New Republic will invade a planet controlled by the opposition faction, and must flip control of each starport on the planet, via the same mechanism as a base bust – by performing terminal based mini-games for Commando, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Doctor, and Squad Leader. Defenders have statically placed turrets and the Attackers have player-controlled Combat Walkers.

Planetary control will impart the controlling faction with galactic bonuses, ranging from crafting bonuses to combat bonuses – details to be included in the next set of patch notes when the control bonuses are enabled.

Planetary alignment has been reset to the default starting positions.


Free recolor has been turned on for all armors.

Color palettes have been updated for all armors – please be aware this may change the existing color to something less desirable.

New Republic Assault, New Republic Battle, New Republic Marine, Imperial Stormtrooper, Imperial Scout Trooper, and Imperial Shock Trooper armor schematics have all been added to their respective Faction Recruiters.

The iconic Rebel weapon – the A280 is now available in a pistol, carbine, and rifle flavor from Faction Recruiters.

New Republic and Imperial themed City Halls are now available from Faction Recruiters.


Unarmed Damage reworked to only apply the full bonus to unarmed (no weapons) – acts like other Melee Damage skill mods otherwise.

Melee Damage SEAs have been rendered useful – +25 will grant about a 5% increase in damage.

Heavy Weapon specials have been rebalanced to be faster and more accurate.

Starting weapon specials have been rebalanced to be more useful starting out, and less useful as you level and cap your weapon speed.


Galactic Elections have been enabled – Imperial Politicians with Martial Policy IV and New Republic Politicians with Civic Policy IV can run for Senator or Councilor and shape the direction of the upcoming Galactic Civil War. The first election cycle will be accelerated to a seven day cycle to allow Senators/Councilors to be in place before the next patch when Invasions will be enabled. After the next patch it will go to a twenty-eight day cycle.

A new civic structure, the Voting Center, is now available. Cities of Rank 2 or higher can place it to allow voting in Senate/Council elections. The Voting Center can be crafted by architects.



The planets of Chandrila, Coruscant, Kuat, and Mon Calamari have been added.

Chandrila and Kuat have a full set of new creatures, some of which are creature handler tamable.

Chandrila and Kuat have a full set of new resources.

Coruscant and Mon Calamari are visitable locations but do not have creatures or resources available. Mon Calamari in particular is very much a work in progress and will have substantial updates in an upcoming patch.

The travel map has been updated. The new map includes planets that are not currently available on the live server. Travel routes currently bypass inactive planets.


The Empire in Flames codebase has been updated with the latest SWGEmu code. Check SWGEmu’s patches for the last three months to check for functionality changes/bug fixes.

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