Friday Feature 2/16/2018 – The Exchange

The Exchange

A Galactic Traveling Market

Sponsored by

Borvo the Hutt

Borvo the Hutt invites all discerning sentients to visit the Exchange, a traveling market offering the finest goods in the galaxy. Any local merchants, traders, or citizens who would like to procure a vendor stall should contact Borvo’s representative to make arrangements.

When: March 11th, 2018

Where: Mos Carova, Tatooine

Time: Noon EST until 11 pm EST

Stall Set Up: Week prior to Event

Stall Tear Down: Before End of Day Monday EST


OOC: Empire in Flames is bringing an RP nomadic black market to the game. EiF is providing the traveling location in a unique, creative, and exclusive way. This is a one-hundred percent RP event held every other month on a Sunday.

Of Note:

  • Location: A different player city each event
  • Held every other month
  • Borvo is bringing in a Vigo and several Corellian freighters for players to set up selling space
  • Players can arrange for space on one of the ships with Sandarie, who will give the player deco rights
  • No vendors will be allowed, but people can buy and sell what they can carry, if they want to exchange actual goods
  • No overt factional activity
  • Can illegal goods be sold overtly or must they be under the table? Depends on the city!
  • What are the RP rules?
    • ICA=ICC (In Character Actions equals In Character Consequences)

2 thoughts on “Friday Feature 2/16/2018 – The Exchange

  1. That’s not what the Exchange is… *pouts*

    On another note: Yay, I can (probably) make it! :D

  2. These atmospheric ideas are what really gives life to this server! I’m looking forward to seeing this in action, let alone browsing the shops.

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