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“To be a Ranger meant knowing how to move in any environment. To blend in with the forest or grassland, to sail, to swim, to dive, to pilot. To be masters of our surroundings. We were good spies, good warriors, very adept at intrusion and escape.” – Tyria Sarkin

In the live Star Wars Galaxies games, the Ranger was an underappreciated class. Too much of their thunder was stolen by the basic Scout profession, and the most of the rest was taken away by game changes.

Empire in Flames aims to make the Ranger a valuable addition once more.


Rangers are the outdoorsmen of Empire in Flames. Of the various professions available (more to be unveiled soon!), Rangers have the highest terrain negotiation, allowing them to climb hills quickly and cross rugged terrain in quick order.

While all characters can skin out animal kills and acquire meat, hide, or bone, the ranger is far more effective. Years of experience in the outdoors allow him to recover far more valuable organic material from a kill than a character without his skill.

ranger duster

Rangers are masters of camouflage, allowing them to sneak up on unsuspecting wildlife or bypass hostile creatures without confrontation. Many early Rebels trained as rangers for the stealth skills necessary to launch surprise attacks on Imperial outposts.

Experienced rangers also know how to read the signs of an environment. The best rangers understand not only how to track their prey, but figure out what else – and who else – is around them. Bounty hunters seeking targets on the run may employ Rangers to help them track their target even in the wildest jungle or forest.


Rangers may go days or weeks without seeing civilization – in part because they bring civilization with them. Rangers can build camps from even primitive materials, but with advanced techniques and components they can build a home-away-from-home. While a camp is useful for a ranger, it’s far more important for a ranger’s allies – often adventurers who are unaccustomed to the harsh outdoors.


Rangers rely on a wide variety of skills in the field to keep them independent from the city. They often pick up first aid medical training, and specialize in long-range weapons – often taking their prey with precisely aimed medium- to long-distance shots.

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