Empire in Flames Announces Partnership with Sunrunner II

Empire in Flames Announces Partnership with Sunrunner II

Earlier today a new SWGEmu partnership was created by the Empire in Flames team and the Sunrunner II team! Lead Developer Halyn has added the amazingly talented team of Takhomasak and Lasko to the developers working on an Empire in Flames. Takh and Lasko will still maintain Sunrunner II which is not closing down, but they will be actively contributing to EiF.

Takhomasak is well know throughout the SWGEmu world as the creator of worlds. His server, Sunrunner II is a virtual playground of planets and moons in the Star Wars galaxy. EIF launched with one of his planets, Taanab, which has been a very popular world with the EiF community. Sunrunner II will continue to be a development environment and test server for Tak’s development. In his new partnership with EiF, he will have a thriving community to play in his creations in a live environment.

Lasko is known as the developer who is creating new instances for Sunrunner. He will be sharing his talents with the EiF community, who have been thirsty for content. Lasko is also the creator of the Mod the Galaxy TRE compilation and repository on which Sunrunner II and several other SWGEmu servers are based. When Takhomasak was asked about his partner, Lasko, he stated, “I have felt very lucky to have him helping me. He’s the most knowledgeable person I know about this game and environment. It was his early guides that steered me toward doing what I do.”

Halyn, the lead developer of an Empire in Flames, is known and respected in the SWGEmu community as a creator of unique content and tweaks that not only improves the Quality of Life for the community, but his approach to a more balanced profession system is something players often comment that they wish SWG Live had made these changes, rather than the NGE.

Some of the unique content in EiF includes over 35 playable races, an armor and weapon systems based upon cores allowing players to use any armor appearance they desire, and new animal mounts such as large cats. These are just a few of the features that make EiF a respected and exciting Star Wars Galaxies Emulation server.

If you have any questions, please contact Halyn, Takhomasak, or Lasko.

Sandarie, EIF Community Manager


4 thoughts on “Empire in Flames Announces Partnership with Sunrunner II

  1. Sooo… how does this change anything? Formalism aside, I thought you guys were already working together?

  2. @ Dalo

    The formal status provides us direct communication with the EiF team to better assist in implementing new content, and brainstorming.

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