Patch Notes – 10/4/17

  • Merged latest SWGEmu code. (Check’s unstable patch notes for details.)
  • Added combat walkers.
    • These powerful new weapons of war are not available for regular use. They can be requested for events, and the devs may be happy to show them off if asked politely. Otherwise, expect to see these come the Galactic Civil War patch.
    • Added two new commands: /takeCommand and /fireCannons.
    • /takeCommand allows a player to take control of an appropriately setup NPC vehicle. For now, this is restricted to the new combat walkers, but other vehicles will be coming soon for certain scenarios and upcoming content.
    • /fireCannons will allow an appropriately-equipped combat vehicle to fire its weapons on an opposing target.
  • Added several new sets of GCW armor. (Not yet obtainable – coming with the GCW and/or new themeparks.)
  • Added several new NPC structures.
  • Added several new decorative objects. (Not yet player-obtainable.)
  • Fixed bug causing Devaronian female characters to be inaccessible after being logged out the first time.
  • Added several new shuttle types to starports. Expect to see more freighters about than just the standard transport.
  • Freighters now park at Port Jato.
  • Other fixes and bugs that have been forgotten about.

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