Raph Koster on SWG

Raph Koster has been writing a series of reflections and explanations on early Star Wars Galaxies. It began with reflections on TEF and Jedi, and has now branched out into world-building for an MMO.

It’s a fascinating read. Oddly enough – and encouragingly – much of what he’s written about, particularly in the last few posts – line up with the framework An Empire in Flames is using to build a unique Star Wars Galaxies emulator. While I won’t say we’re building the Raph Koster version of SWG, it’s good to see our ideas mirrored by a professional.

Particularly of note is the concept of enabling players. Most modern MMOs try to limit players and keep them on rails for an “experience.” Star Wars Galaxies, and An Empire in Flames, attempts to enable players to make the universe their own with systems that reward players for playing the game in a variety of ways.

If you are a Star Wars Galaxies fan, take the time to read it.


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