New Server Ordered!

Thanks to the more-than-generous outpouring from the community, we ordered a new server today.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll probably wonder how we closed the last 20% overnight. The short answer is…we didn’t. We actually were offered a deal on a server slightly faster than the one we’ve been working toward, and at a lower price point.

The new server is a quad-decicore server with 128 GB of RAM. So, 40 physical cores with hyperthreading (80 threads total) – should be a far cry from our current 8-core, 32 GB of RAM rig. For the moment, we’ll be running on a traditional RAID array of mechanical disks, but eventually we’d like to upgrade those to SSDs as well.

We’ll still take donations to defray the monthly expenses of running the server; notepad figures put that around $100 a month, but if necessary we’ll continue to cover that cost. We’ll also be working toward some small upgrades like the aforementioned solid state drives.

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