Launch Day Patch Notes

Welcome to Empire in Flames!

Welcome to the relaunch of Starsider. This project has been several years in the making, and we are happy you have chosen to join us here!

For obvious reasons, this isn’t a full list of changes made to the server. However, this should give you a flavor of what we’re doing, and this is the format we’ll be using for patch notes going forward. Expect frequent, if small, patches for the first few weeks while we evaluate feedback from players.


  • New player species added.
  • New planet: Taanab.
  • New player structures.
  • New skill: Surveyor. Trainers can be found across the galaxy.


  • Armor and weapons crafting is now core-based.
  • Structure deeds now show up as a miniature hologram of the structure.
  • Speeder deeds now show up as the speeder itself.
  • Speederbike speed adjusted.
  • Flash speeder replaces X31 as starter vehicle.
  • Profession system completely revamped.
  • Combat revamped.
  • New characters selecting a combat-related profession will start with a light set of armor.

Known Issues

  • Heavy weapons crafting is currently inoperable.
  • Gungans need a retexture.
  • In the new player tutorial, the Flash Speeder deed cannot be picked up from the box.
  • Hutts have no wearables.
  • Some player species have no customization available.

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