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One of the most incredible, memorable, and often immersive things about Star Wars Galaxies was the community. Didn’t really matter which server you played on either. The community was active in-game. They participated in the server-wide events. Some people even going so far as to create toons on other servers in order to participate. They were always welcomed to join in. Players created content, such as the Nomad Market on Starsider. The Saturday PvP events in space were legendary (Yes, I am aware we do not have JTL yet  and space events are not possible currently. <3)

The forums were hopping with people; Their ideas, their teasing, always ready to offer up opinions or participate in boisterous discussions.

The EiF forums has a poll up for feedback on types of community activities you would like EiF to provide. Some activities I really enjoyed from my SWG days. Maybe you’ve seen some on other forums you would like to participate in with EiF. My guild in TOR had some really fun forum games. Please head to the forums and give me your feedback and share ideas! You can also respond here or tag me in Discord.

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Sandarie, Community Manager

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