How to Harvest – Week 3

The Taanab Harvest continues with a new series of events and activities for the third week. Thank you to Traycn for putting together this guide!

Hello, Empire in Flames players! Welcome to the third week of the Taanab Harvest. We’re on the back half of the event, and the activities will only increase in difficulty, but the rewards are about to stack up as we prepare the Taanab farmers for the imminent pirate invasion!

For Week 3, our quest givers have a brand new set of tasks for you to complete at the Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings POI on Taanab. You’ll need to seek out Kari, Jaa, And Vinon to begin these quests, earning you Harvest Coins that you can spend at the reward vendor. The first quest you complete on your chosen character will earn an exclusive reward! Like the previous weeks, you can only earn one of the three rewards on a particular character.

By completing Kari’s quest, you’ll earn a Carbon-Frozen Canister that contains the Creature Handler Massiff pet.


If you complete Jaa’s quest, you’ll gain the Taanab Wheat Tea, which increases your dodge chance by 50% for a short time and comes in a stack of 50.


Finally, completing Vinon’s quest rewards you with the Smuggler’s Lucky Dice for a guaranteed Armor Effectiveness slice.


Below is a breakdown of the three quests for you to check out! Feel free to read through them to see what tasks you’ll be working on this week as we prepare for the final stretch of the Taanab Harvest, and good luck out there!


How to complete Kari’s Third Week Taanab Harvest Quest on Empire in Flames

For the third week of the Taanab Harvest, Kari needs your help destroying several Norulac bases set up throughout Taanab. These will be forward outposts that the Pirates plan to use to launch their attacks, and eliminating as many as possible will go a long way in helping the farmers on Taanab in the upcoming assault.

You can speak to Kari to get this quest started. Like the previous weeks, she’s moved around a bit, and you find her at coordinates (-2829, 42). When you speak with her, she will ask you to take out a specific camp, but you need to head to the databanks to get started. You can find that at the center building at Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings, and head inside. When you arrive, enter the back room on the right to interact with the Main Systems Databank to receive your waypoint.

When you arrive at the waypoint, I recommend slowing down and leaving your vehicle. Three turrets protect this stronghold, and you don’t want your speeder to get caught in the crossfire. Try to find a way to hide behind the buildings and lure the pirates to you in small batches. You don’t want to keep too far away from the turrets. These can target and begin hitting you at a maximum of 80 meters. You want to close this distance as quickly as possible before engaging them, hopefully landing behind one of the buildings. Line of sight is your best friend during these battles.

After the pirates and turrets have been destroyed, it’s time to start blowing up the base. Inside each building will be a small, holographic outline of a thermal charge.

Interact with the outline and set the charges. There are five of them, but be ready before you place the fifth one at the center of camp. Once you’ve planted it, the charges will begin a countdown, and you have 20 seconds to run away, escaping the blast radius.

Now, you’re ready to receive your next waypoint. Rather than return to the Taanab farms, take out your holocomm (/holocomm) and speak with R4-AG. The droid will give you another waypoint of a Norulac pirate base on Taanab. You can repeat the process over again, although you might need a break or two between destroying bases, depending on how much damage you took from the pirates and the turrets.

For every camp you destroy, your character receives 5 Harvest Coins. After completing this quest multiple times, if this is the first time completing this quest circuit for the Taanab Harvest’s Third Week, Kari rewards you with a Carbon-Frozen Canister containing a Mastiff Pet useable by Master Creature Handlers.

You can only earn this or one of Vinon or Jaa’s rewards once. If you grab this one, the other limited rewards won’t be available to this character.


How to complete Jaa’s Third Week Taanab Harvest Quest on Empire in Flames

Along with the other farmers who need assistance as they prepare for the upcoming Norulac pirate invasion, Jaa also has a new task for you to do. Like the previous weeks, he has moved locations, and you can find him at coordinates (-3107, -104)

Jaa needs to talk to you about supporting the transport convoy containing harvest from the farmers en route to Pandath Starport, northeast of the farm. These transport convoys are slow and need protection, but they can’t spare anyone to man the AT-ST walkers they acquired. Jaa wants you to take one of the walkers and guard the transport as it travels across the planet. The transport convoy is slow, but with the walker, you should have no trouble taking out any Norulac pirate foolish enough to come after it.

After accepting the mission from Jaa, proceed to the west side of the farm to find the AT-ACT getting ready to go out on its next convoy run. You can find it at coordinates (-3259, -1). Shortly after you arrive, an AT-ST will appear for you to use to protect the convoy. To enter a walker, use Take Command (/takecommand) while hovering over the AT-ST to place your character inside it. Your goal for this mission is to follow the transport to Pandath Starport and ensure it makes it there without being destroyed by Norulac raiders.

To defend the transport, make use of the newly acquired AT-ST. When you want to fire the cannons on any targets during the convoy run, use the command (/firecannons) while inside the AT-ST. The Fire Cannons and Take Command commands can be found inside the Command Browser by opening the Abilities & Commands menu (clicking the ; button on your key) underneath the Other category. You can drag and drop these onto your toolbar and assign them to your number keys.

With everything prepared, you’re ready to defend the AT-ACT walker as it makes the trip to Pandath Starport. This will be a long process, but you should remain on the lookout for any Norulac raiders that might ambush and attack the transport!

When you’ve arrived at Pandath, use the Dismount (/dismount) command while hovering over the AT-ST walker on your character, and return to Jaa back at the Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings POI to begin the quest again. Your character earns 12 Harvest Coins for every completed transport route. Your character will gain the Taanab Wheat Tea drink after completing this quest on one completion if this is the first quest circuit you finish for the third week of the Taanab Harvest.

You can only earn this or one of Vinon or Kari’s rewards once. If you grab this one, the other limited rewards won’t be available to this character.


How to complete Vinon’s Third Week Taanab Harvest Quest

Pirate attacks are already heating up, and Vinon knows how to prepare for the forthcoming assault on their farm. You can speak with him to get started and find Vinion at coordinates (-3006, -193).

The quest for Vinon is similar to Kari’s quest. Although Kari wants you to blow up a pirate base on Taanab, Vinon wants you to assault it and take one of the commanding officers hostage, bringing them back to the farm. Should you accept Vinon’s quest, he’ll provide you with a waypoint of where you can find a nearby pirate base for you to attack.

You don’t want to get too close to the pirate outpost riding a speeder. Three turrets are at the center of this base, and multiple Norulacs are on patrol. The turrets can aim and fire at you up to 80 meters away. I recommend getting behind the buildings to avoid drawing fire from the turrets and draw in the pirates close to you, taking them out in small batches before focusing on the turrets.

After the entire area has been cleared, you’re on the lookout for a particular pirate hiding inside the buildings. You can use your map on your HUD to figure out what build they’re inside. When you hover over the enemy dots, look for the one that says “Norulac Raider Captain” and enter that building. Rather than fighting this pirate, click on them to bring up the radial menu and select the “Take Prisoner” choice to have them follow you. They’ll become your prisoner, and you can safely return them to the farm.

The fastest way to bring them with you is to get into two a two-person speeder. Some great examples are the Flash Speeder or the 74-Z Speederbike. Both are excellent options, and when your character gets inside the vehicle, so will the Norulac prisoner. You can safely bring them back to the Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings POI on Taanab to present them to Vinon.

When you arrive to Vinon, the prisoner will step out of the vehicle, and you can speak with him to grab another waypoint. For every prisoner you bring, your character earns 7 Taanab Harvest coins. Once you’ve completed  8 captures, you’ll also earn the Smuggler’s Lucky Dice for the Armor Effectiveness slice if this is the first quest circuit you’ve completed for the Third Week of the Taanab Harvest

You can only earn this or one of Jaa or Kari’s rewards once. If you grab this one, the other limited rewards won’t be available to this character.


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