Friday Feature: Homeshow Winner Interview – Shrek- July 2023

This month’s Winner of the Galactic Homeshow has been chosen – congratulations to Shrek! Learn more about our July 2023 Winner below!

Q: What is your in-game name, or Discord handle?
Shrek: Shrek

Q: How long have you been playing on EIF?
S: About 1.5 months

Q: What does your daily play session look like on EIF? Do you enjoy doing any dungeons in particular or GCW?
S: I love the crafting/business aspect of SWG. I’m not super big into the combat side of the game although I do enjoy PvE with friends and enjoying the community. These days I tend to be on during the mornings and early afternoons and am nearly always available around that time to chat or take special Archy/DE/Arty orders.

Q: What were the design goals for the house you submitted?
S: ShrekMart is my smaller shop offering a warm place to shop, mostly for newer players. My goal was to make it so the longer you look, the more things you notice. I’ve always loved the feel of a shop keeper who can’t quite fully get the shop together (a stack of resources waiting to get inventoried, unfinished projects on the shelf, etc.)
Q: Were there any unique challenges you faced, and do you have any tips for aspiring decorators?
S: I tend to be extremely OCD in decorating so I tend to add way more than I probably should in decorating. I’m constantly running out of room. Luckily EiF allows the addition of lots so I can let my imagination run wild. As some have mentioned use macros to decorate. Also, open your draft schematics and look at all of your schems while asking “what does that look like and what can I turn that into?”

Q: Is there any particular aspect or part of your house you want people to know or see?
S: Shortly after I joined I had to hire Jarvis, the lazy bum you see scrolling through his datapad while sitting on the resources he is supposed to be cataloging. (Jarvis was made with individual armor pieces, arranged to create the illusion of someone sitting there)

Q: Where can players find this house?
ShrekMart can be found in Aurora Beach, Corellia at -2235, -4400

Q:  Anything else you would like to add or say to the community?
S:  I just wanted to thank the EiF community for welcoming me here. EiF is an absolutely fantastic place for fans of the Pre-CU SWG. ShrekMart is always improving so feel free to swing by and check it out!

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