EiF Patch Notes 07/01/2023

The one with Empire Day


  • Empire Day is now live! New Republic players can travel to Chandrila and Imperial players can travel to Kuat to begin Empire Day/Remembrance Day activities.
  • Hang posters in a low-risk, low-reward PvE activity.
  • Engage in fierce PvE combat defending or attacking Ewok villages on Endor for moderate rewards.
  • Enter the PvP arena in an attempt to recover protocol droids from an Ewok lake village before the other faction can claim them for the highest payouts!
  • New items have been added to this year’s vendor; depending on time restraints, there may be a few more additions at the halfway mark of Empire Day.
  • This year’s Empire Day will start the morning of July 1st and end the morning of August 1st.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Togruta holograms occasionally causing client crashes.
  • Fixed the face appearance of Zeltron females in holocalls.
  • Fixed phantom glove appearances in holocomm calls.
  • Wookiees will once again get bandoleers on character creation.
  • Kubaz now get goggles and cloaks on character creation, depending on profession selection.
  • Gauntlet weapons now properly use the gauntlet’s refire rate to calculate cooldown instead of the commando or bounty hunter’s in-hand weapon.

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