EiF Patch Notes 11/19 – “The Taanab Harvest”


  • The Taanab Harvest event has begun!
    • Players who travel to the Taanab hex farms can speak with co-op president Bukrom in person, who will give players details.
    • The Taanab Harvest is a four-week event, with each week introducing a new phase with new missions, loot, and escalating danger.
    • Work for three different co-op leaders – Kari Saarek, Jaa Haruss, and Vinon Daivik – to help the Taanab farmers in their attempts to protect themselves from the predations of the Norulac pirates.
    • Completing fifteen missions for a co-op leader will provide a single-time, unique prize, in addition to harvest coins. You can only earn one of these unique prizes per week. (I.e. if you earn Kari Saarek’s fifteen mission prize for the first week, you cannot earn Jaa Haruss or Vinon Daivik’s prize for week 1!)
    • NOTE: Solia Maduel’s quests are disabled. Maybe next year.
    • Special note: Vinon Daivik’s quest requires Surveillance Binoculars, introduced as a new craftable with this patch.

Utility Items

  • This patch introduces a handful of new artisan-craftable items and commands. These items will be used in new quests and content going forward.
  • These new “utility items” can be equipped normally. To save inventory space, a player can /stow them (the utility item equivalent to /holster). While they’re equipped, a player can /utilize them.
  • Surveillance Binoculars – Accepts a datacard. Used to scout out and record areas for survey and surveillance purposes.
  • Datapad – Accepts a datacard. Used to retrieve and store data.


  • Utilize now has a cooldown to prevent spamming.
  • Flash Speeder price increased to 75k credits due to a galaxy-wide shortage.

Bug Fixes

  • Imperial PvP rifle now has a separate appearance from the Imperial shotgun.
  • Fixed the X-34 landspeeder’s speed.
  • Fixed the X-34 landspeeder passenger’s animation.

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